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Uprising is arguably the world's best tasting keto bread. We are on a mission to help everyone switching to the keto diet to not have to give up enjoying real bread AND to not have to settle for the inferior taste of diet breads. This is real bread for the people! 

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"I could barely tell that I was eating keto bread."
I Tried the Keto Bread That’s Supposedly Even Better than Aldi’s
Kitchn - October 01, 2019
"If you're following the keto diet, for the love of grilled cheese, give Uprising a try."
The Incredibly Convincing Keto Bread You Need to Try
PureWow - March 13, 2019
"The almond-flour bread contains 2 net carbs per slice, compared with up to 25 grams in many store-bought breads."
P&G brand manager partners with Blue Oven Bakery to launch keto bread business
Cincinnati Business Courier - March 25, 2019
"we are on a mission to take down big bread"
Episode 93: William Schumacher - the founder of UprisingFood.com and ...
The Keto Lifestyle Podcast - September 03, 2019
"For people who are trying to stick to a low-carb diet, this bread would definitely be worth a try."
Um, Keto Bread Exists...And I Tried It To See How It Actually Tastes
BuzzFeed - June 09, 2019
" transformation can be made attainable for the masses with better products"
Revolutionizing Keto Bread: William Schumacher of Uprising Food
Cincy State of Being - May 16, 2019
William Schumacher
Founder and CEO
William Schumacher is Founder and CEO of www.UprisingFood.com (AKA "The Loafer and Chief"). Former Procter and Gamble beauty marketer, 5+ year bio-hacker, intermittent faster, "cyclical keto" practitioner and OG lover of Bulletproof Coffee ... traded in the corporate life to create arguably one of the world's best tasting keto breads. He's on a mission to take on big bread, bring mouthwatering keto bread to the masses, and help make "going keto" WAY easier. Taste buds and keto moms can now rejoice with an Uprising grilled cheese in hand!
The best bread makers in the Cincinnati region brought their master baking knowledge to the world of keto. Tastebuds can now rejoice.
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
""Perfect toast and wonderful croutons!""
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
""I can't stop thinking of them and wanting to eat more""
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
""Grilled cheese is back in the house! Need I say more?""
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