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December 04, 2019

Uprising Food Launches "Keto Bread From Heaven" ... Just In Time For The New Year's Diet Season

Cincinnati based, Uprising Food is shaking up both "diet season" and traditional "bread expectations" this year by launching keto bread that tastes like a cheat meal ... just in time to support Americans' New Year's Health Goals! 

"Bread used to be the villain of a healthy lifestyle ... here at Uprising, we fixed that!"

- William, Founder and CEO

Uprising is leading a movement to rebuild high-carbohydrate, highly-processed, highly-preserved foods for the masses. Our goal is to create tastebud-pleasing, delicious, not just "palatable food" that helps ALL PEOPLE trying to live a healthier lifestyle be able to "have their bread and eat it too". Uprising is raising the bar on food to pass arguably the hardest of all torture tests ... keto-friendly bread that actually tastes darn good

The "the best freaking keto bread on earth" has zero added sugar, zero gluten, 2 net carbs per slice, and is both paleo and keto-friendly. Plus, it has only 8 "all pronounceable" ingredients including almonds, flax seed, apple cider vinegar and egg whites. Ultimately, making a macronutrient profile to die for with 6 grams of protein, 9 grams of fiber and 11 grams of healthy fat per slice and somehow tastes like a mild nutty sourdough.

We hope every healthy household in America considers starting the new year off right with an Uprising bread delivery! To learn more or book a bread bundle for delivery click here.

About Uprising Food, Inc.: Uprising is a Cincinnati based, keto bread company founded by a former P&Ger, his sister and the founders of Blue Oven Bakery. We ship bread bundles directly to the doorstep of all 50 states plus Puerto Rico. You can read more about our story here

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