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November 10, 2020

The Uprising Cube Is Fierce About Gut Health

All About That Gut Health

It's no secret that Uprising Food has packed their Superfood Cube with clean ingredients, including 9 grams of fiber per slice. Whether you've been on a fiber regime for years now or new to the game, the bottom line is that we all need to be fierce with fiber. Thank you to Uprising Foods for making it simple.

Uprising's CEO has said, 'At Uprising, not only do we care about providing our customers with the healthiest loaf in the game, we also deeply care about your gut! That's why we launched The Toast Cleanse. We tested and perfected The Toast Cleanse because having good gut bacteria is imperative to your health. I even had my wife tackle the challenge right before our wedding and since it's become a once a month staple for her.'

Haven't heard of The Toast Cleanse Challenge? You can check that out here:

We know the topic of gut health isn't all that pretty but in order for our bodies to operate as needed, fiber is a must.

So....what are you waiting for!? Grab yourself a slice of your Superfood Cube and get that fiber!! 

About Uprising Food: Uprising™ is a future-thinking "superfood bakery" featuring familiar-looking foods made in entirely new ways. Uprising™ foods incorporate both cutting-edge science and artisan baking secrets to transform seemingly simple ingredients into insanely delicious creations. Their clean ingredient foods are made without grains, denatured oils and preservatives, are both keto and paleo-friendly, high in fiber and protein and are shipped directly to the doorstep in all 50 states from their bakery in Detroit, Michigan. Having been featured in publications like BuzzFeed, The Kitchn and PureWow, the iconic Uprising™ Superfood Cube works like a supplement, looks like a perfectly square loaf of bread, and yet tastes like a sourdough. It's somewhat mind-blowing. Uprising's mission is the rebuild, reformulate and reinvent traditionally high-carb foods for the masses dealing with food-based health issues. #UprisingFood #KeepRising #SuperfoodCubes
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