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August 01, 2020

The Case for the Perfect Poo


Did you hear that Uprising launched the first ever toast cleanse? If not, that’s okay but where have you been!? At first, the toast cleanse was a sole attempt to help us achieve a healthy lifestyle we all so-desperately need. HOWEVER, what was found along the way was astonishing, a little scary and something that everyone needs to hear. Enter… the perfect poo. 

Yup, you read that right. We care about your poo. And we want it to be perfect. Since we are already going there, let’s just be honest with each other, having the perfect poo is the key factor in determining where our health lies. 

Major statistic: 95% of Americans are NOT getting enough daily fiber (see July 2019 Vox article here). Doctors refer to this problem as the ‘fiber gap.’ This is a crazy, scary statistic and we need to be paying attention. There is a war going on in our gut that demands our attention. Just because we can’t see our gut, doesn’t mean it’s free and clear. 

The solution? Eat two bushels of broccoli A DAY ... or eat 4 slices of a 2-in-1 super-fiber plus keto-friendly loaf of bread that you can enjoy WHILE keeping your belly and gut happy and healthy. To get started, check out more on our toast cleanse here and order your happy belly bundle here

Let's officially consider health culture put on notice ... the only question remaining is will YOU accept our challenge? We want you and all your peeps to move from suboptimal health to crushing it on another level health and have the good gut bugs finally winning the war for a change! We hope you won't decline this year's challenge. 

(At Uprising, we are a friend of fiber, a friend of probiotics and a friend of cutting edge gut health science. We want to create both high fiber AND keto compliant super foods because we love how the keto framework eliminates sugar from the daily battle.)

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