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October 08, 2021

Greater Cincinnati Couple Dipping Their Toes Into The 'Shark Tank' Tonight

Photo by: Christopher Willard | ABC
Kristen Schumacher, left, and William Schumacher, a husband and wife team, think they have the next heavenly combination of taste and health transformation when they pitch their healthy superfood-packed indulgence.

Posted at 12:14 PM, Oct 08, 2021
and last updated 12:15 PM, Oct 08, 2021

CINCINNATI — This local small business started with a big idea about a basic necessity.

"The big idea is really that the food system is fundamentally broken. And people are sick at scale," said William Schumacher. "We're sick across this nation. We have industrialized food in the staples that people rely on, they need a significant upgrade. So that's why we said, 'Hey, we need to have an uprising. We need to have a food revolution and bring a better set of staple foods that people."

That idea grew into Uprising Food, a company started in 2019 with Blue Oven Bakery as a partner. Now Schumacher, the co-founder and CEO of Uprising Food and his wife, Kristen Schumacher, the company's co-founder and chief brand officer, are hoping to grow even bigger by dipping their toes in the "Shark Tank."

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