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November 01, 2020

Uprising Food Officially Makes All 2019 Stuffing Recipes Obsolete

What And Why: Uprising food launches a chef-designed, breakthrough stuffing recipe to help folks combat the "Quarantine 15" of the 2020 pandemic and bring the tastebuds pleasing joy of Thanksgiving to the table minus the guilt. Everyone should at least try this stuffing once in their life! 

Quote: "This is simply the stuffing recipe the world has been waiting for and never needed more than now" - William, Uprising CEO

How To Participate: Visit Uprising's official stuffing recipe blog post to get the details, tell others, and order ingredients: https://www.uprisingfood.com/blogs/keto-bread-recipes/how-to-make-uprising-keto-bread-stuffing

About Uprising Food: Uprising™ is a future-thinking "superfood bakery" featuring familiar-looking foods made in entirely new ways. Uprising™ foods incorporate both cutting-edge science and artisan baking secrets to transform seemingly simple ingredients into insanely delicious creations. Their clean ingredient foods are made without grains, denatured oils and preservatives, are both keto and paleo-friendly, high in fiber and protein and are shipped directly to the doorstep in all 50 states from their bakery in Detroit, Michigan. Having been featured in publications like BuzzFeed, The Kitchen and PureWow, the iconic Uprising™ Superfood Cube works like a supplement, looks like a perfectly square loaf of bread, and yet tastes like a sourdough. It's somewhat mind-blowing. Uprising's mission is the rebuild, reformulate and reinvent traditionally high-carb foods for the masses dealing with food-based health issues. #UprisingFood #KeepRising #SuperfoodCubes
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