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Open-Faced Turkey Sandwich on Uprising Bread

Open-Faced Turkey Sandwich on Uprising Bread

Have you heard of a Rachel sandwich? It's a version of the Reuben that's made with turkey instead of corned beef. It's also incredibly delicious and can even be nutritious when served on Uprising Superfood Bread. Our artisan bread has no added sugar, just two net carbs, and a healthy balance of protein, fiber, and fat. It's suitable for Keto and Paleo diets! The Rachel is made of carved turkey, swiss cheese, tangy coleslaw, and Uprising Bread. We hope you'll find it tastes like a diner classic.

16 oz turkey breast, roasted

2 cups coleslaw mix (shredded cabbage and carrots) 

4 Tbsp mayonnaise

1 Tbsp white vinegar

1 tsp white sugar (optional)

1 tsp salt

1 bunch thyme

1/2 pound sliced Swiss cheese

4 Tbsp Russian dressing

  1. Prepare the toppings 

In a medium bowl, mix mayonnaise with salt, sugar (if using), and white vinegar. In another bowl, lightly salt the coleslaw so that you can start draining the water from it. Thinly slice your turkey breast and toast your slices of uprising bread.

  1. Finish the coleslaw

Squeeze any excess water from the cabbage and add the coleslaw dressing to the slaw. Taste for seasoning and adjust to your own taste.

  1. Build the sandwich

On top of each slice of toasted Superfood Bread, spread 2 Tbsp of Russian dressing. Put a heaping tablespoon of coleslaw on top of each one, followed by an equal portion of the roast turkey breast. Top with the Swiss cheese and broil in the oven on low until the cheese is melted and beginning to gain color (keep an eye on it!)

  1. Serve the sandwiches

Slice each sandwich in half and serve with a fork. Enjoy!


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