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What Is Psyllium Husk Powder

What Is Psyllium Husk Powder

Did you know that a whopping 95% of Americans are utterly fiber-starved? Yup, it’s true; the daily recommended fiber intake is 28 grams, and only five percent of us are hitting that target. 

Why is eating fiber so important, you ask? Well, for starters, a diet rich in fiber is key to keeping the gut healthy. It can prevent or relieve constipation, help waste move smoothly through the body, and encourage healthy gut microbiota (all important things for people who suffer from issues like irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease). 

What’s more, noshing on high-fiber snacks, like Uprising Food’s Superfood Freedom Chips, can help you to feel full throughout the day and boost energy levels while keeping your blood sugar levels in check and improving your digestive health. 

The Fiber Gap

Needless to say, a healthy diet rich in fiber is of the utmost importance for optimum health! But despite being the closest thing we have to a true superfood—or super-nutrient, seeing as it’s a part of many different foods—America is facing a population-wide deficiency otherwise known as the “fiber gap.”

A big reason for this has a lot to do with what we eat now. Instead of munching on fruits, veggies, beans, and nuts, more than half of the calories Americans consume come from ultra-processed foods, with nearly 40% of Americans eating fast food. These highly processed meals tend to be extremely low in fiber or even completely free of essential nutrients, and the side effects and symptoms of these processed foods are not to be taken lightly.  

With that in mind, it makes perfect sense why digestive disorders are on the rise. Fortunately, one surefire way to help prevent these icky illnesses and to keep your gut in tip-top shape is simply by bumping up your fiber intake to roughly 28 grams per day. 

If you think eating 28 grams of fiber is an impossible feat to achieve in any single day, we don’t blame you; that’s a whole lot of fiber! However, that’s where fiber supplements can help—like psyllium husk powder. 

Never heard of psyllium husk powder? Prepare to be amazed! Not only does this incredible fiber-rich powder offer a solution to bridge the fiber gap, but it also provides multi-health benefits when taken regularly. 

Everything You Need To Know About Psyllium Husk Powder 

Psyllium is the name given to seeds of the Plantago ovata plant, which is a shrub-like herb predominantly found in the rolling fields of the Gujarat and Rajasthan regions of India, although it does grow all over the globe. Each plant can produce up to a whopping 15,000 itty-bitty, gel-coated psyllium seeds, from which psyllium seed husks are derived. They’re considered a valuable source of fiber. 

Made through mechanical milling or grinding to remove whole psyllium husks where the fiber is highly concentrated, this psyllium fiber is a non-digestible carb that can provide many incredible health-related benefits.   

Hold Up—How Is Psyllium Fiber Made?

Once a year, the psyllium seeds are gathered and stone-ground in order to harvest the husk, which is then made into powder, AKA psyllium husk powder. The powder can then be used in many different ways—as a binding agent in baked goods and a thickener in soups, smoothies, and salad dressing. 

What Kind of Fiber Is Found in Psyllium? 

The unique characteristics of psyllium fiber have led to its wide use as a food supplement and additive. 

Psyllium is composed of around 70% soluble fiber, which forms a thick viscous gel in your intestines, binding to cholesterol and helping to slow digestion. This type of fiber is indigestible, meaning it passes through your digestive tract without getting absorbed. A good way to think of it is like a broom that sweeps ick right out of your colon, helping to keep things moving through efficiently (almost like a mild laxative). 

Around 30% of psyllium is an insoluble fiber that contributes bulk to stool and helps to stimulate its movement through the digestive tract, ultimately helping to improve bowel regularity. Together, both fibers—soluble and insoluble—present in psyllium are indigestible and will pass through your intestinal tract largely unaltered, providing many health benefits.  

What Are the Health Benefits of Fiber?

There are a ton of great health benefits that you can get from adding psyllium husk powder to your daily diet; here are some of them:

Benefit #1: Glucose Control

Controlling blood sugar levels is crucial for good health. Adding psyllium husk powder to your diet has been shown to control spikes in blood sugar levels following a meal by reducing the rate of carbohydrate absorption. This can help to reduce the infamous energy crash that usually follows after a carb-heavy meal.

Benefit #2: Supports a Healthy Heart 

The gel-like fiber created when psyllium absorbs water may also play a substantial role in lowering “bad” LDL cholesterol without affecting “good” HDL cholesterol levels. This incredible mechanism involves psyllium binding to fat and bile acids in the gut, helping the body to excrete them so that they don’t clog your arteries (important for preventing the risk of heart disease) or stick to blood vessels. 

Benefit #3: Combats Hunger Pangs 

Hunger pangs are all too common when dieting and can put a damper in a well-structured program in a blink of an eye. Thankfully, consuming psyllium husk with meals has shown to increase satiety, AKA the feeling of fullness you get from your meal. 

So, if you’re looking to improve your overall body composition while not dealing with hunger pangs, snacks made with psyllium husk powder, like Uprising Food’s Superfood Freedom Chips, can help! This snack is great as part of a diet that’s full of fiber. 

Benefit #4: Promotes Gut Health 

As we mentioned a little earlier, psyllium husk has a strong water-holding capacity, forming a viscous gel by absorbing—you guessed it—water. When it absorbs liquid in the digestive system, it swells and stimulates healthy bowel movements. Many docs have found it to relieve constipation, treat diarrhea and IBS, heal ulcerative colitis, and promote regularity. 

Plus, since psyllium is prebiotic, it allows the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut, resulting in a stronger immune system to combat bad bacteria, germs, fungi, and viruses. 

Simply put, when it comes to gut health, psyllium husk powder reigns supreme as the ultimate supplement to keep everything in working order and running smoothly. 

Benefit #5: Key Ingredient in Gluten-Free and Keto-Friendly Baked Goods 

The allure of pizza, bagels, cakes, bread, muffins, almond flour treats, and other mouthwatering baked goods can become unbelievably irresistible when you cut them out of your diet. Sometimes, willpower just can’t compete with the desire to indulge in these addicting goodies. 

Thankfully, psyllium husk powder can assist in recreating gluten-free and keto-friendly versions of all these and other high-carb favorites, helping to keep you on track with your nutrition goals. 

If used in baking, psyllium husk powder retains moisture in bread, giving it a light and fluffy texture. It also makes dough much more elastic, making it easier to roll out. Here are some of the most common uses of psyllium husk powder in the kitchen:

  • Acts as a thickener: Need to thicken up your smoothie, soup, or sauce? Psyllium husk powder can help. It’s also great to use if your dough is too runny. 
  • Acts similarly to many of gluten’s properties in baked goods: The versatile power enabled keto-friendly bread to hold more moisture and achieve a light, fluffy, and airy consistency. Plus, it helps to make dough much easier to handle, shape, and roll out. Altogether, these beneficial properties are what make psyllium husk powder one of the best alternatives for gluten on the market. 
  • Doesn’t add any net carbs: When used in gluten-free baked goods, psyllium husk powder replicated the texture and flavor of the conventional high-carb varieties without adding any net carbs. This makes it an excellent option for those living the low-carb or ketogenic lifestyle. 

Here at Uprising Food, we utilize psyllium husk powder in all of our yummy recipes to provide the masses with healthy bread and chips that you can eat guilt-free. Masterfully crafted and baked to perfection, in each serving, you’ll find nine grams of prebiotic fiber, six grams of body-nourishing protein, and only two net carbs. That makes it perfect for anyone looking for keto-friendly or gluten-free fiber-packed supplements disguised as delicious savory staples!

A Final Word 

Psyllium husk powder has been around for many years, but only recently has it taken the world by storm due to its many amazing health benefits. From improved gut and heart health to combating hunger pangs, this incredible powder proves advantageous in more ways than one. Plus, it’s an amazing ingredient to bake with and is perfect for gluten-free and keto dieters; what’s not to love?

Here at Uprising Food, we make our high-crunch chips and drool-worthy bread with psyllium husk powder and other superfood ingredients like almonds, flax seeds, and egg whites. Made with nine grams of fiber, six grams of protein, and only two net carbs per serving, we believe it’s the healthiest food in the game, but it tastes like heaven!  


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