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Stuck At Home: Healthy Things You Should Eat

Stuck At Home: Healthy Things You Should Eat

This has been a tough year to navigate from a personal, financial, and physical standpoint, and we’re all figuring it out as we go along.

Of all the challenges this year has presented, maintaining healthy habits has been one of the toughest, and many people have seen their overall wellbeing decline in a number of ways.

Not only have we had to confront concerns about a global pandemic, but lockdowns have made it tough to stay active and do all the things we love, impacting our health on a mental and emotional level as well.

We’ve all done our part to make adjustments to the current ways of the world, but it’s time to put our health back at the top of the priority list as we head back into the winter months.

It all starts with food, as our diets play key roles in how we feel and perform on a daily basis. Here is an overview of what you should be eating as we remain stuck at home and try to make healthier decisions moving forward. 

Immunity Boosting Foods

We’ve heard a lot about various medicines and laboratory research reports lately, but not so much about how to shore up our immune systems. While there’s no such thing as perfect immunity, we know several ways to increase it, and food is a main component.

At the top of the list for immune-boosting foods is citrus, which can be found in a number of colorful and tasty forms. Lemons and limes can be easily squeezed into your daily water bottles for an extra boost of vitamin C, or you can snack on a tangerine or orange at breakfast to get that jolt of immune energy first thing in the morning.

You may be tempted to grab some fresh-squeezed orange juice or grapefruit juice at the store, but just be aware that even the organic products contain high levels of fast-absorbing sugar, which may not be the best for those trying to stay in shape.

Red bell peppers are an underrated powerhouse of vitamin C, containing three times as much as a typical large orange! The next time you walk past the peppers, throw a few in your cart and add them to your rotation of healthy snacks.

Spinach and broccoli are perennial favorites that will supercharge your immune system with tons of quality vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Just remember to go easy on the roasting and sauteing because these veggies are far healthier when eaten closer to raw.

When it comes to protein, seafood and poultry reign supreme as the meats with the most immune-strengthening features. Chicken and turkey contain the magical vitamin B-6, while shellfish and finfish are high in minerals like zinc that give you a major health boost.

If you aren’t too keen on mussels, crab, and clams, why not try something more basic like salmon, then work your way up from there?

Finally, you’ll want some snacks to keep your mouth busy while you’re twiddling your thumbs at home or working on a computer project for work.

Almonds, sunflower seeds, and yogurt are all great choices that will keep your hunger at bay while giving you a surge in immune support. Be sure to munch on healthy snacks instead of reaching for the processed chips and pretzels!

A good rule of thumb is to try a food and take a minute to honestly assess how you feel after you eat it. Do you get a jolt of real energy, or are you ready to take a nap? Apply this rule to every food you eat, and this will guide you towards better decisions while keeping your immune system firing on all cylinders. 

Staying In Shape

If you’ve packed on a few extra pounds in 2020, you are certainly not the only one. A lack of physical activity, stress eating, and just overall boredom have all played a role this year, and many New Year’s diets were derailed early on.

Congratulations to you if you’ve managed to stay in great shape during this fiasco, but we don’t blame you if you gained a bit of extra padding over the past nine or so months. 

The question now becomes, what do we eat to lose weight in these times, especially since it’s tougher to exercise and stick to a routine we actually enjoy?

Before you look at foods to add to your diet, consider what foods need to be taken away. It may be tough to say goodbye to those cheese poofs and fried corn chips, but they are more than likely the culprit behind the rising numbers on the bathroom scale.

Snack on something healthier like nuts or low-calorie popcorn, and make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day to keep your stomach occupied. Green tea is also said to suppress appetite and give you a focus boost without the jitters. 

If dessert is your biggest diet detractor, consider switching over to a semi-sweet protein shake or piece of dark chocolate instead of ice cream after your evening meal. It may not be the exact same, but you’ll scratch that itch and give your body some essential nutrients as well.

When it comes to booze, try to stick with red wine or neutral spirits (without the sugary mixers). Beer and margaritas are fun but will add inches to your waistline in no time, especially when chips and dip come into play.

Of course, do your best to maintain some semblance of an exercise routine, even if it means a jog around the neighborhood or an at-home martial arts workout. It’s not going to be as fun or effective as your normal regimen, but it will keep the momentum going. 

Healthy Comfort Foods

It’s easy to talk about all the healthy snacks and meals you can plan for the week ahead, but when things get stressful or uncertain, you sometimes just need comfort food to get you through the day.

Rather than picking up a pizza or Chinese take-out, try to minimize the downsides of your indulgent meals by reducing the carbs and maxing out the healthy fats and protein.

This is how so many people have lost weight using the keto diet and other low-carb protocols, and there’s no denying you feel better and healthier when you adopt the same approach. 

For example, sometimes you’re simply craving a towering sandwich like a BLT or turkey melt with tomato and tons of cheese. Instead of taking the hit of 15 grams of carbs per slice of regular white or wheat bread, try something like our Superfood Bread, which contains only two net carbs per slice. 

You can have three sandwiches per day and still not overdo it on carbs, provided you stay on track with your snacks and drinks.

Need a grilled cheese to go with your low-carb tomato soup or gazpacho? Our keto bread has just the right toughness and chew to go up against those high heats and melty cheeses, unlike lots of the low-carb and gluten-free bread out there. 

Sometimes you need something sweet to start your day, which is the perfect opportunity to make keto french toast with our low-carb bread. Just soak a few slices in your favorite egg batter, fry them up in a pan, and voila! You have a guilt-free breakfast that satisfies on all the right levels and gives you tons of clean energy for the day. 

Staying On Top Of Inventory

The global events of 2020 have shown us that shopping at the grocery store isn’t always so easy. Store hours have shifted around, supply shortages have become more common, and in general, it’s smart to minimize the time we spend in public milling about with other people.

That’s why many people have started to consider other ways to ensure they have food in the house without making repeat trips to the store.

Buying in bulk is one way to minimize time spent at the grocery store, especially for essentials like bread. Unfortunately, most store-bought bread doesn’t last long at all, even if you stick it in the fridge or freeze it.

With our Superfood Bread, you can receive fresh loaves delivered right to your door every month and take the bread off the shopping list for good. You’ll always be able to count on a quality product that fits your health goals and leave nothing to chance in an uncertain world. 


This has not been an easy year in any regard, but you can drastically level up your health by trying these foods and getting rid of some of the junk holding you back. 

Read what people are saying about Superfood Bread and decide if you want a low-carb bread to get you on track with your health goals ASAP. 






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