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3 Guilt-Free Superfood Snacks

3 Guilt-Free Superfood Snacks

We all have those days when the urge to chow down on unhealthy snacks is almost unbearable. You know, when visions of salty chips and sweet treats dance in your head, causing your stomach to growl so loud, it’s almost embarrassing. Of course, noshing on unhealthy snacks every once in a while isn’t a bad thing—in fact, it can actually help us to have a balanced diet and to form a positive relationship with food. However, more often than not, cheat meals result in going down the infamous slippery slope of eating more unhealthy foods, which eventually can wreak havoc on your health goals.  

That being said, if you’re looking for a nourishing snack that feels like a cheat meal, but it’s not—you’re in the right place. Read on as we explore three guilt-free snacks made with wholesome superfoods that are so good, you won’t believe they’re healthy!

Hold Up—What Exactly Are Superfoods? 

When you hear the word ‘superfood,’ what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Veggies in red capes? Fruits that can fly? Time-traveling whole grains?

While many foods are so unbelievably nutritious it may seem like they have superpowers, the truth is that ‘superfood’ is actually a made-up word. Yup, it’s true—‘superfood’ is technically just a big marketing ploy created by marketing geniuses to increase sales. That said, despite not having a legal definition classifying any food as a ‘superfood’ as well as the lack of evidence backing the touted health benefits of superfoods, the world is still obsessed with them. 

So, what’s the “unofficial” definition of superfoods, you ask? 

To put it simply, superfoods are nutritional powerhouses. They are extremely high in micronutrients like vitamins, minerals, as well as antioxidants, enzymes, and healthy fats. All of these essential nutrients are crucial to your body so you can flourish. You see, superfoods fuel your body so it can fight against chronic diseases and other nutrient deficiencies. And even though superfoods aren’t marked with a giant “S” logo and don’t rock long red capes, they’re not as elusive as they sound. As a matter of fact, if you’re a pretty health-conscious individual, there’s a pretty good chance you eat superfoods all the time. 

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Superfoods? 

Many superfoods are found in nature and grow from the soil (fruits, veggies, seeds, grasses, etc.). Other superfoods are found in the ocean (fish, kelp, nori, spirulina, etc.), and some come from animals that roam the land (eggs, greek yogurt, grass-fed red meat, etc.). While it’s true that no one food is a medical cure-all, there’s quite a bit of research that suggests certain foods do provide greater health benefits than others. And those foods are what we call superfoods. 

Here are a few reasons why you should eat superfoods:

Reason #1: Lots of Antioxidants

Superfoods are super high in antioxidants. Why is this a benefit? Because antioxidants can help to prevent slow damage to cells caused by harmful free radicals—unstable molecules that the body produces as a reaction to lifestyle, stress, and environmental factors. Simply put, these powerful nutrients combat all the bad stuff like pollution, UV rays, and inflammation. 

Reason #2: Full of Phytochemicals

These essential nutrients are a lot like antioxidants, but they have a slightly different purpose. Phytochemicals (compounds produced by plants) don’t just help to prevent damage, but they can neutralize icky free radicals. In fact, they can even cause cancer cells to self-destruct! Pretty cool, don’t you think? 

Reason #3: So Many Vitamins and Minerals

Believe it or not, vitamins and minerals affect hundreds of different things orchestrating in your body. They boost your immune system, repair your bones, muscles, and skin, and so much more. Vitamins like A, C, E, D, and K are essential to keeping your body functioning properly. And minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium are just a few of the many nutrients you need in your everyday life to keep you healthy and disease-free.  

The Best Guilt-Free Superfood Snacks

Now that you know quite a bit about superfoods and why you should eat them, let’s dive into the best guilt-free superfood snacks to keep hunger pangs at bay. Trust us—these are so good, you won’t believe you’re not eating a cheat meal!

Snack #1: Avocado Toast 

We know what you’re thinking—bread isn’t a superfood!? And while you’re absolutely correct (commercial bread is highly processed), we’re not talking about commercial bread. No sir. When we make avocado toast, we make it using Uprising Foods’ Superfood Bread. Made with clean superfood ingredients like psyllium husk, almonds, and egg whites and absolutely nothing artificial or any added sugar, this unbelievably healthy yet super tasty bread is truly something to get excited about. And the best part? In each serving, you’ll find nine grams of fiber, six grams of proteins, and only two net carbs—perfect for low-carb dieters! 

In addition to all the yummy superfoods baked right into Uprising Foods’ bread, avocado is also a superfood. Containing vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and fiber, avocados are really nutrient-dense and make for the perfect spread to cover and smother your toast. Mmmm! 

Snack #2: Deviled Eggs 

Eggs used to get a bad rep because they contain cholesterol. However, many studies have shown that the dietary cholesterol in eggs doesn’t actually adversely affect cholesterol levels in the blood. In fact, eggs raise your “good” HDL cholesterol. Plus, they are rich in so many essential vitamins and minerals like folate, iodine, selenium, and calcium—which is why they are a superfood

Of all the foods in the world, eggs probably hold the title of the most versatile superfood because you can cook them in so many ways, use them in many types of dishes, and pair them up with many different foods. That said, if you’re looking for a tasty guilt-free snack, we suggest whipping up a batch of deviled eggs. Not only are deviled eggs super simple to make, but when it comes to the filling, options are endless. 

When making deviled eggs, some people like to use mayo while others like to use sour cream, but we like to use Greek yogurt. Why? Because Greek yogurt is also a superfood! It’s jam-packed with protein, healthy fats, calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins, and more. Plus, it will make the filling in your deviled eggs perfectly creamy and unbelievably delicious. 

Snack #3: Uprising Foods’ Superfood Freedom Chips

Traditional chips are definitely not superfoods. But you know what is? Uprising Food’s Superfood Freedom Chips. Completely free of gross additives like sugar and artificial fillers, these chips are hand-made with artisan methods and baked to perfection. One serving will fuel your body with six grams of protein and nine grams of fiber helping sustain energy for hours. Made with clean superfood ingredients, including apple cider vinegar, almonds, and flax seeds, these super crunchy chips taste like a cheat meal—but it’s not.

While one serving of Uprising Food’s Superfood Freedom Chips is sure to fill you up, you can also snack on a handful of berries for an extra dose of antioxidants. 

A Final Word 

Here at Uprising Food, we understand the power behind superfoods and the benefits they provide. That’s why we bake our food with only clean superfood ingredients like almonds, psyllium husk, egg whites, flax seeds, and apple cider vinegar. We never add any artificial ingredients, sugar, or fillers and each serving contains nine grams of heart-healthy fiber, six grams of body-nourishing protein, and only two net carbs.

Masterfully crafted by top artisan bakers, keto-friendly, paleo-approved, dairy, and gluten-free, we know once you try our crunchy chips and our deliciously baked bread—you’ll be hooked for life.

Whether you’re looking for keto-approved bread to make unlimited low-carb sandwiches and homemade croutons or simply on the prowl for healthy chips that don’t taste like cardboard, you can count on us to provide you with food that you can feel good about. 


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