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What Chips Are Healthy? We Got News For You!

What Chips Are Healthy? We Got News For You!

Who doesn’t love a good serving of chips? As far as snacks go, chips are a staple, but most of us wouldn’t consider them very healthy. More and more brands are becoming health-conscious and offering variations of traditional chips for consumers considering nutrients, calories, and carbs. Still, many of these supposedly “healthy” alternatives leave much to be desired for. 

Let’s break down which chips are healthy and which aren’t, so you can make a more informed decision next time you’re reaching for a snack.  We’ll even answer the question, is there such a thing as healthy chips? (Spoiler alert: there is!) 

Some Background on Uprising Food

Here at Uprising Food, we like to say that our mission is to bring superfood staple foods to the masses. The reality is that 95 percent of Americans live in what’s known as the fiber gap—meaning that over nine out of ten people don’t get enough fiber. We want to change that, one tasty yet nutritious type of food at a time. 

You might be wondering why fiber is important. It is a type of carbohydrate, but the difference is that the body isn’t really able to digest it. Because fiber can’t be broken into smaller sugar molecules, it passes through the body without getting digested. This ultimately allows fiber to work to regulate sugars, as well as keeping blood sugar and hunger in check. 

If you don’t get enough fiber, this could lead to a variety of ailments or difficulties. These include constipation, weight gain, fluctuations in your blood sugar, or diet-related nausea or tiredness. 

Children and adults need 20 to 30 grams of fiber a day, but most Americans only get about 15 grams. That’s where we can help. All of our foods are packed with clean, superfood ingredients—including fiber. 

We have a variety of options for how you can purchase, but we suggest starting out with the Starter Bundle Sampler. This includes not only two of Uprising Food’s cubes (our healthier alternative to traditional bread), but also four individual packs of our Freedom Chips in two distinctly delicious flavors: Savory Rye and Sea Salt. 

Are These “Healthy” Chips Actually Healthy?

Several large consumer brands started to roll out healthier options to traditional chips since more and more people are becoming conscious of the impact their dietary choices can make on their overall health. 

Frito-Lay’s is one brand that has attempted to include more nutritious chips in their product line, but let’s investigate more to see if they’re actually healthy. The baked chips that the company offers are often viewed as the smarter alternative, since they’re baked instead of fried. However, one glimpse at the nutrition facts reveals that there might not be too much to boast about in terms of nutritional value.

The original baked potato crisps are 110 calories per one serving, with 3 grams of fat and two grams of sugar. They also include one gram of fiber. 

While this might not seem like a significant amount of fat or sugar, it’s important to note that this is only for one serving, which is roughly 15 crisps. 

It may seem simple, but remembering to take a look at the nutrition facts on the packaging of the food you’re consuming can truly make a huge difference when it comes to ensuring you’re getting enough of the right nutrients. Sometimes, such as in this case, foods are framed to seem healthier than they are, but a quick investigation can suggest otherwise. 

What About Uprising Food’s Freedom Chips?

If you enjoy snacking on chips but are also seeking a way to get the nutrients you need, there’s an answer! Yes, we’re talking about Uprising Food’s Freedom Chips. Our Freedom Chips come in two tasty flavors—a flavorful Savory Rye and a classic Sea Salt. In our highly acclaimed Starter Bundle Sampler, we’ve included two Savory Rye packages and Two Sea Salt packages—not to mention two of our classic bread alternative cubes. 

Freedom Chips are unique for several reasons, so let’s break down why. All of Uprising Food’s products are unique because they act like supplements. That is, we make sure all of our food is packed with superfood ingredients but tastes delicious, so you’re getting the vital nutrients that you need. What could be better than doing something good for your body while enjoying what you’re eating? 

Our difference is that our products are made fresh, clean, and without any fillers. We’re here to show the world that, yes! There is such a thing as a “healthy” chip—and it isn’t unattainable. All you have to do is order on our website, and we’ll deliver straight to your door. Yes, it’s really that easy. 

There’s a reason we call our chips the “fat-burning friendly chips.” For one, they’re made with super fats. Allow us to explain why that’s so important—and why it gives Uprising Food’s Freedom Chips a distinct advantage. 

Two key ingredients in our chips are MCT oil and olive oil. MCT oil is a type of supplement. It’s made from medium-chain triglycerides, and can support a variety of bodily functions. The molecules are smaller than most of the fats that we consume. Therefore, they’re easier to digest and get absorbed into the bloodstream rather quickly. This helps provide the body with usable energy. In addition, replacing unhealthy fats with olive oil in your diet can help make an impact on your heart’s health.

Uprising Food follows the philosophy of a better food pyramid. That means that using these healthy fats is important to how we create our food. In addition to this, we never add any extra sugar, and our products are free from dairy. Uprising Food makes an excellent choice if you’re following a keto or paleo diet, and none of our products are made with gluten in them (for more on our gluten policies, check out our gluten FAQ page). 

Let’s Compare and Contrast

Let’s compare and contrast the “healthy” chips you can get in the food store and our actually healthy chips. For one, our Freedom Chips offer nine grams of fiber per serving—a stark contrast from the other “healthy” chips on the market, which may include only one gram. 

In addition, Freedom Chips are packed with six whole grams of protein in just a single serving. The very best part? You only get two net carbs from eating a serving of Freedom Chips. 

Freedom Chips certainly taste like a cheat snack—but they aren’t. Loaded with a plethora of superfood nutrients such as fiber and protein, you can enjoy your snack and feel good about it. It’s a win-win! 

Why You Should Choose Us

When you choose Uprising Food, you’re joining us on our mission to bring superfood staples to the masses. You should notice a difference between how you feel when you have regular carbs versus an Uprising Food snack. Since our products are packed with 9 grams of fiber, protein, and healthy fats, you shouldn’t experience the usual crash people experience after consuming high-carb foods. 

Choosing Uprising Food means that you’re taking a step to take control of your health.  By making the choice to be more intentional with how much fiber, protein, and healthy fats you’re intaking, you’re taking the first step to changing your overall well-being through your diet, one bag of Freedom Chips at a time.

Whether you’re following a keto diet, a paleo diet, or simply want to be more diligent about closing the fiber gap, you’re in luck. Uprising Food has something for everyone. Healthy avocado toast with a side of sea salt chips, anyone? 

So, Is There Such Thing As Healthy Chips?

In just a word, yes! It is entirely possible to eat chips that support a healthy lifestyle, as our Freedom Chips demonstrate. With two tasty flavors—Sea Salt and Savory Rye—you can enjoy your snack while not feeling guilty about it.

We encourage you to think of and view Uprising Food as what it truly is—a supplemental part of your diet. 

In Summary

At Uprising Food, creating products that have nutritional benefit isn’t just something we added to our product line—it’s at the forefront of everything that we do. We believe that it’s possible to create food that not only tastes good but helps you take care of your body, too. If you’re looking for proof that it’s possible, we encourage you to try Uprising Food today.

While other companies claim they’re making healthier chips, it’s important to take a look at the nutrition facts before making any deductions about how the product will actually contribute to your diet.

Choosing Uprising Food’s Freedom Chips means prioritizing closing the fiber gap and including healthy fats and protein in your diet. Once you try Uprising Food’s delicious chips and feel the benefits of eating a more fiber-rich diet yourself, you’re not going to want to look back on some of those other “healthy” chips again. 


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