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Which Bread is the Best for Weight Loss

Which Bread is the Best for Weight Loss

Every new year, people around the world vow to make changes for the better, whether it’s saving money, quitting smoking, or switching careers.

But the most common resolution of all is weight loss, especially in the United States, where nearly two-thirds of the population is either overweight or obese.

It follows that folks would look to make healthy choices in their diet, and get rid of the stuff holding them back on their weight loss journeys.

Bread definitely falls into this category, since most of the store-bought loaves are loaded with carbs, lacking in micronutrients, and sometimes even contain added sugars.

Still, many people want to hang on to their toast, sandwiches, and snacks, and seek out the best type of bread for weight loss.

Today we’re looking at which bread promotes a healthy weight, and what criteria you should use when selecting a weight-loss bread in the future.

Why and how to lose weight

Most of us know it’s a good thing to drop excess weight, but we don’t know exactly why.

Sure, we want to look good, feel good, and get compliments from friends and family about our progress, but according to Precision Nutrition, there are even more benefits.

In this article, the author encourages readers to look beyond the numbers on the scale and the social media pictures of people showing off beach bodies.

It even asked that we set aside concerns about the scary medical conditions that we hear discussed in commercials and in the news.

The point is that losing weight is something you should do for yourself. Not to impress other people or to get a pat on the back from your doctor for good blood pressure.

At a healthy weight, you have a stronger immune system, you are less prone to injury, you can bounce back from tough situations better, and you’re just a happier person overall.

In time, this helps you become the best version of yourself mentally and physically, which in turn helps fight off disease and increase your longevity.

That’s why many people need a perspective shift on weight loss, which can help them shed the pounds for the right reasons.

When it comes to the actual process of weight loss, the basics have not changed much over the years, despite “new” research being released all the time.

Essentially, your body is a furnace that runs on the fuel you provide it. The more nutritionally dense and calorically efficient the food you eat, the better you will operate.

When you burn more calories than you consume, you begin to tap into stores of fat and the pounds begin to melt away. Eating the right foods allows you to regulate blood sugar and fight off cravings so that you stay on track with the regimen.

Diets like South Beach and Atkins became famous because they changed the way people look at weight loss, putting fat at the center of the conversation and downplaying the carbs.

The keto lifestyle is a further extension of this trend and is designed with the intention of making the body a fat-burning machine, rather than running on glucose.

The idea is that when the body is depleted of sugars (not just from candy and soda, but from starches as well), it goes into fat-burning overdrive and balances the metabolism.

That’s why we’ve seen so many impressive before-and-after stories of folks going on the keto diet and turning things around.

No, it’s not easy, and there will be cravings, but if you have the right mechanisms and systems in place, you can leverage keto to make some major progress on weight loss.

Consider bread alternatives

We touched briefly on the role of starches and sugars above, and it’s general knowledge that bread is not the most healthy food for people seeking to shed pounds.

For that reason, many dieters have had to say goodbye to bread altogether, using alternatives like lettuce wraps and nori sheets to hold their snacks together.

But while their intentions are in the right place, many dieters fail to grasp the nuances of weight loss in relation to bread.

The truth is that some bread is WAY better than others when it comes to losing weight.

While some bread can help keep you full and satisfied for a long time, others have basically the same effect on the body as a bowl of junky frosted breakfast cereal. 

Dieters need to be able to make the distinction between bread that will assist them on their weight loss journey, versus bread that will throw them off track.

Here are some things to look for in a good weight loss bread:

  • Organic ingredients and lack of preservatives to ensure the body can fully digest the bread and absorb the nutrients.
  • Whole grains and complex carbs with a higher Glycemic Index, such as rye, pumpernickel, and some sourdoughs.
  • The addition of oats, flaxseed, and other good sources of slow-burning starches and fiber that help you feel satisfied longer.
  • Sprouted grains that pack more nutrition and digest slowly for maximum effect.

Those committed to weight loss need to look past the labels and marketing schemes and focus on what really matters for healthy bread: quality nutrition, complex carbs, and fiber.

If you prioritize that criteria and ignore the claims of  “low-fat” and “weight-loss bread” you see at the grocery store, you’re on the right track!

Getting the most out of bread

By now, you should have an idea of what bread is going to help you lose weight, but there are some other factors to keep in mind.

First of all, it is very difficult to find low-carb bread at most grocery stores.

For folks trying to limit their carbs to the low double digits per day, just a few slices of even the healthiest bread can be derailing.

Even the most organic and nutrition-dense sprouted grain bread can have nearly 20 grams of carbs in a single slice, meaning you may hit your daily limit in just one sandwich.

The next thing to note is that what you put on your bread is also important for weight loss.

Adding healthy fats and proteins on top of a piece of toast is a great way to tap into some extra nutrition while slowing down the rate of absorption of those sugars into the bloodstream.

Avocado toast is such a phenomenon not just because of the taste, but also for the fact that the good fats of the fruit help limit the blood sugar spike of the bread and give us more sustained energy throughout the day.

If you do decide to keep bread in the mix while losing weight, make sure to add some high-protein and healthy-fat toppings, but avoid the sugary jams and spreads.

Finally, you need to account for any other dietary restrictions or allergens that may play into your weight loss strategy.

Way too many people just clip a diet from a website or magazine and don’t realize they are consuming foods that don’t work well for their bodies.

The reality is that many of today’s foods, even the natural ones, are not 100% compatible with our systems. This goes for bread, in particular.

Gluten is the most common culprit in terms of bread-based allergens. It is a protein that simply does not break down completely in many digestive systems, and some people experience harsher reactions than others.

While some may immediately point to gluten-free bread as a good option, there are some traps there as well. Many of those products contain dairy and strange binding agents that end up doing more harm than good.

It’s worth getting a full allergen test before you embark on the path of weight loss to ensure you are eating foods that work for you rather than against you!

At last, a great weight-loss bread

Although there is definitely some healthy bread to be found at the store, the bottom line is that the carbs, gluten, and lack of fiber make most bread a bad option for weight loss.

We picked up on this realization years ago, which motivated us to craft a Superfood Bread that actually helped people lose weight effectively and safely.

This bread is 100% gluten-free, dairy-free, and keto-friendly, meaning you no longer have to study labels in the bread aisle and wonder if it will fit your needs.

The ingredients we use are wholesome and deliver crazy amounts of nutrition, and at only 2 net carbs per slice, you can have bread at every meal and still hit your macronutrient demands.

On top of that, our reviewers rave about the great taste and texture of our bread, so you can finally enjoy all the great recipes you’ve been missing out on.


Finding bread for weight loss is one of the biggest challenges out there, but we made it easier than ever with Superfood Bread.

Check out our comprehensive FAQ to learn more about this revolutionary loaf, and make the commitment to a healthy weight once and for all!


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