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Paleo Sandwich Bread When You Don't Have Time to Cook

Paleo Sandwich Bread When You Don't Have Time to Cook

In today's health-conscious society, it's nearly impossible to pop open a wellness magazine or waltz into a gym without hearing something about some kind of diet. From diets that promote strict calorie counting to eating styles that limit carbs, the world is full of them. And while there's not necessarily one diet that works better than the rest, there is one that has become increasingly popular over the years due to its many incredible health benefits — the paleo diet. 

A dietary lifestyle designed to mimic the eating habits of our paleolithic hunter-gatherer ancestors, the theory behind the super popular paleo diet is to eat like a caveman and shed pounds —this means no processed or refined foods

If you're thinking this lifestyle sounds like a breeze, we've got news for you — it's not. You see, many staples of our modern diet are not on the paleo menu: pasta, bagels, pizza, tacos, sandwiches… you get the idea. With that in mind, while the benefits of eating like a caveman are plentiful, it can be a difficult diet to stick to, especially if you're a bread-lover. Why? Because bread is highly processed — unless, of course, you have Uprising Food's Superfood Bread.

There are paleo bread recipes all over the internet, but when it comes to taste, nothing can compare to the chef-designed mouthfeel that comes from a slice of Uprising Superfood Bread. And the best part? Our bread is baked fresh and delivered right to your door — perfect to keep on hand for when you don't have time to cook and are craving a paleo-approved sandwich! 

In this post, we're exploring our delicious bread that's not only perfect for paleo dieters but keto dieters, too! Whether you don't have time to make your own bread or simply miss the mouthwatering taste of real bread, our Uprising Superfood Bread is a perfect addition to any pantry. Read on to discover more.

What Is the Paleo Diet? 

Short for Paleolithic, paleo refers to the era of early humans — aka cavemen. The whole idea behind the popular eating style is to return to how our ancient ancestors ate. A paleo diet includes:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Fruit
  • Veggies
  • Eggs
  • Nuts 
  • Seeds

These are food sources obtained through hunting and gathering before humans developed agriculture. It’s a radical departure from a typical American diet, when most modern foods include dairy products, oils, grains, flours, and legumes. The founders of the paleo diet believe that by eliminating these modern-era foods, you can avoid or control "diseases of civilization" like heart disease, obesity, and more. 

What Are the Benefits of the Paleo Diet? 

No cookies, cakes, potato chips, or bread — this way of eating may sound extreme, but it can be an extremely healthy alternative to the typical American diet. Paleo foods are clean, meaning they don't have any added preservatives, chemicals, or dyes. Plus, a diet rich in veggies, nuts, seeds, and fruit is anti-inflammatory. Seeing as inflammation is the root of many diseases, it makes sense how the paleolithic eating style can keep chronic illnesses at bay. 

But that's not all — here are a few more benefits of eating like a caveman:

Benefit #1: Promotes Good Sleep

By cutting out the icky chemicals and additives from your diet, you'll find that your body naturally gets sleepy at nighttime. This is because the hormones that your brain naturally releases as a signal that it's time to hit the hay are not overridden by other synthetic chemicals from food. 

By eliminating these icky chemicals from your diet, you may find that you sleep more deeply and wake up feeling energized and ready to take on the day. 

Benefit #2: Provides More Energy

Since you're not eating refined sugar when on the paleo diet, it's much easier to avoid spikes in your blood glucose levels. And when your blood glucose levels are in check, so are your energy levels. Fueling your body with nutrient-dense foods such as our high-crunch Superfood Freedom Chips will help provide your body with sustainable energy from sun-up to sun-down.

Benefit #3: Supports A Healthy Gut

Your gut is home to trillions of itty-bitty microbes that help digest food, synthesize vitamins, boost your immune system, regulate metabolism, and more. By nixing chemical-laden foods that irritate this delicate system and restoring it with natural foods that promote its health, the paleo diet can contribute to a happier and healthier gut.  

The Best Paleo Sandwich Bread on the Planet 

As you can see, eating like a caveman provides many incredible benefits. However, it can be a tough diet to follow — especially if bread is one of your most favorite foods. Sure, there are many recipes online that can help you make paleo-approved bread, but when time is of the essence, and you're craving a sandwich, making bread from scratch is not always the best option. 

Thankfully, there's Uprising Superfood Bread

Masterfully made with only a few clean superfood ingredients, our paleo-approved sandwich bread is like no other, offering a taste that will leave your tastebuds begging for more. Baked fresh and delivered to your door, with our Uprising Superfood Bread, you can make sandwiches on the go that are not only paleo-approved but keto-friendly as well! What's not to love? 

A Final Word 

Sure, white bread wasn't part of our hunter-gatherer ancestor's diet, but that doesn't mean modern-day humans haven't found a way around the rules. With many years of research, we have created healthy bread that's so good, you won't believe it's made with only a handful of clean paleo-approved ingredients. 

Check out our Uprising Superfood Bread today and put sandwiches back on the menu tomorrow — trust us, you'll be glad you did!


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Easy Paleo Bread Recipe

Easy Paleo Bread Recipe

What do sandwiches stacked sky-high with succulent meats, ooey-gooey bread pudding, and fresh avocado smeared on a perfectly toasted slice of bread all have in common? 

If you guessed that they are all made using bread, you are correct. 

Arguably the most versatile food on the planet, there’s nothing we love more than a loaf of fluffy bread. That being said, if you’re eating like a caveman, we have bad news for you — bread is not on the menu. 

What Is the Paleo Diet?

A way of getting back to our ancestral roots, the paleo diet is one that’s taken the world by storm due to its many purported benefits. It’s an eating style that doesn’t focus on counting calories or carbs but a diet that focuses on eating whole, unprocessed foods like free-range poultry, grass-fed meat, wild fish, veggies, fruit, nuts, and seeds. 

You see, the idea behind the paleo diet is that today’s highly processed foods aren’t an ideal match for humans and can lead to things like obesity, heart problems, fatigue, and more. In fact, as the theory goes, tens of thousands of years ago, our ancient ancestors thrived as hunter-gatherers. Although it’s been quite some time since then, our genetics really haven’t changed too much. And yet, in today’s fast-paced society, we’re overweight, unhappy, stressed out, sleep-deprived, and falling ill from far too many preventable diseases.

So, what happened?

Well, to put it simply, agriculture happened. We discovered farming, and the agricultural revolution took off, and we advanced from healthy hunter-gatherers snacking on wholesome whole foods to overweight farmers consuming an abundance of grains and sugar. 

While the progression of the human race is not a bad thing by any means, it’s certainly interesting to think about how over the years, as more people reach for processed foods, the number of Americans battling obesity simultaneously increases. A coincidence? We think not — especially seeing as there are multiple studies linking processed food consumption to the rising obesity epidemic. 

As more research comes to light showing the horrible effects of a diet rich in ultra-processed foods, people all over the globe are beginning to hop on the paleo bandwagon. However, of all the processed foods that are kicked to the curb when eating like a caveman, bread is typically the most challenging to avoid. Thankfully, we know how to make mouthwatering bread that is not only tasty but paleo-approved!

Interested in learning more? Uprising Food has your back! Read on to discover everything you need to know to make delicious paleo-bread following our super easy recipe below. 

How to Make the Best Paleo Bread Recipe From Scratch 

If you ask us, paleo bread is the glue of the paleo diet. Why? Because it’s what makes eating grain-free a whole lot easier! Today, bread is a staple in the modern-era diet, so it’s really nice to have paleo bread to replace the highly-processed bread in many favorite dishes making it much less of a challenge to stick to the caveman way of eating. 

Believe it or not, you don’t need any yeast. You’ll often find coconut flour in paleo sandwich bread recipes, but we’ve chosen almond flour instead for the added boost of protein that’s still low carb. The tapioca flour is there to help with the texture (tapioca starch also works), and the sea salt is really what knocks the flavor out of the park for this paleo, gluten-free, and keto bread recipe. 

Our paleo bread recipe will help you to make a delicious loaf that’s perfect for sandwiches, toast, bread crumbs, and more. Plus, it’s super easy to make and won’t take up a whole lot of time. What’s not to love? 

The Ingredients 

To make the greatest paleo bread of all time, you’re going to need a few things:

  • 1 ½ cup almond flour
  • 1 ½ cup tapioca flour or arrowroot flour
  • 6 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • ¾ cup organic apple sauce
  • 1 pinch of fine-grain sea salt

The Recipe Instructions

Once you’ve gathered your ingredients, follow these simple steps below to make paleo bread:

Step 1: Begin by preheating your oven to 350°F and grease a loaf pan before lining it with parchment paper. Grease the parchment paper. 

Step 2: In a large-sized mixing bowl, combine your dry ingredients: the almond flour, tapioca, baking powder, and sea salt. Add in the eggs and apple sauce and gently whisk to combine. 

Step 3: Place your mixture into the prepared baking pan. 

Step 4: Bake the bread for 60 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. 

Step 5: Once the bread is done baking, let it cool for a few minutes before removing it from the bread pan and transferring it onto a cooling rack.

Step 6: When the loaf of bread is perfectly cool — slice, serve, and enjoy!

Although we’re confident that you’ll gobble up this tasty paleo and gluten-free bread within a matter of minutes, if you have any leftover, keep it in the refrigerator and use it within three to four days.  

Don’t Have Time to Bake Paleo Bread? 

Never fear; Uprising Food is here to help!

Baked to perfection with only a handful of clean paleo-approved ingredients, our Uprising Superfood Bread is made fresh and delivered to your door — perfect for those who don’t have time to bake their own bread. It’s made with psyllium husk powder, apple cider vinegar, flax seeds, baking soda, almonds, egg whites, salt, and water—seriously, that’s it. 

Unbelievably delicious and undeniably nutritious, our one-of-a-kind bread works like the ultimate sandwich load that makes all the classics. From chicken paninis to grilled cheese sandwiches, with our masterfully baked bread, you can indulge — guilt-free. Pop it in the toaster for a perfect breakfast, or break it down to make bread pudding—the choice is yours. 

A Final Word 

If you’re on the paleo diet but are struggling to stick with the eating style due to bread cravings, our Uprising Superfood Bread can help. Baked with clean superfood ingredients like eggs and almonds, just one slice of our fluffy bread, and we know you’ll be hooked. 

Here at Uprising Food, we bring the bakery to your doorstep. Check us out today and experience top-quality paleo bread tomorrow!


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