Home / Gluten Free Bread: Is Uprising Bread 100% Gluten Free?

Hi There! We want to be really clear with what "Gluten Free" means here at Uprising. 

At Uprising we are too small to invest in a certified gluten free facility. We absolutely do not use any form of gluten as an ingredient in the product. However, we do bake the bread in a "shared with other baked goods" oven. Prior to the actual baking we do all other processing and mixing in a room that gluten products are mixed in but not simultaneously with our dough. After mixing the dough is placed in fully sealed on all sides pans and THEN put into the oven.

Net net - we take every precaution we can to eliminate gluten exposure as a small business but we do not have a certified gluten free facility. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us! 


The Uprising Team