Home / Gluten Free - Is Uprising Bread 100% Gluten Free?

Hi There! We want to be really clear with what "Gluten Free" means here at Uprising. 

At Uprising we are too small to invest in a certified gluten free facility. We absolutely do not use any form of gluten as an ingredient in the product. However, we do bake the bread in a "shared with other baked goods" oven. Prior to the actual baking we do all other processing and mixing in a sealed off room that has no gluten contamination. After mixing the dough is placed in fully sealed on all sides pans and THEN put into the oven.

Net net - we take every precaution we can to eliminate gluten exposure as a small business but we do not have a certified gluten free facility. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us! 


The Uprising Team