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Now Performing ... The "Keto Joe".

You haven't had keto bread ... until you've had a "Keto Joe". Below you'll find the original "Keto Joe" recipe ... our modern keto take on the classic sloppy joe. Keto Joes for the people!

The Ingredients:

1.  One pound ground beef

2.  One green pepper chopped

3. One onion chopped 

4. One cup of keto friendly ketchup

5. One tablespoon of sugar free tomato paste

6. One or two tablespoons of water if necessary

The Assembly:

1. Brown the ground beef

2. Add onion and green pepper then saute until soft

3. Add ketchup, tomato paste, water and simmer 5 minutes

*Optional: Add salt / butter / cheese to taste

4. Envelope with two slices of lightly toasted keto bread

5. Bite into a little taste of keto bread history

Yes, It's that simple ...