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keto bread slice

Step One: Buy A Good Bread Knife

We don't slice your bread in advance because we want to preserve its MAX freshness until you are ready to serve. A good bread knife is absolutely critical to make it easy to enjoy nice slices like you see pictured. Please don't torture yourself using a knife meant for chopping vegetables. You'll end up very frustrated. Here's a quick link to an Amazon best seller! 

 keto bread knife

Step Two: Pick Up A Good Cutting Board

Your bread knife needs a worthy companion. We highly recommend a wood cutting board like below, because it will be less slippery on the counter and it will actually look nice in your kitchen. Slicing on a plate or counter directly is fraught with perils ... this will make life a little easier! 

Bonus tip: We've also seen great deals on bamboo cutting boards at Tj Maxx.

keto bread cutting board

Step Three: "Tidying" Your Fridge or Freezer 

Please take a bit of time to Marie Kondo your fridge so that keto bread has a home. Yes, your keto bread will be fine on the counter for a week but few people can eat all of their bread that fast. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND storing in the fridge immediately upon arrival for best taste!  Each loaf will come in an individual 4"x4"x4" box so you can actually stack these if you prefer. No bread drawer needed!