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The grocery aisle staples are outdated, broken, and suspect. Even the latest and greatest "healthy" alternatives are often sneaking in very questionable ingredients to preserve products through long supply chains or to unnaturally enhance flavor in an attempt to make them more addicting...all with you footing the bill.


Here at Uprising, we don't need all that. We have meticulously selected and tested each ingredient. We are leading the pack in unpreserved low-carb foods that taste amazing 😋 . We don't cut corners or use tricks to increase our margins and fool you. 🙅‍♀️ 


From our artisan kitchen to your doorstep, you get only the best with us ... so you know you're safe each and every bite of Uprising.   


Ingredients your Grandma's Grandma would recognize! 👵🏾 💪

Using our teams' combined health and culinary wisdom, we've packed the labels with superfoods, fiber powerhouses, healthy fats, and protein...and left the carbs in the last decade.


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uprising ingredients