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"Regular" Bread Became Obsolete When The Uprising Superfood Cube Was Born ...

It's kind of like a health bar disguised as bread. "All of the things" at about half the price ... now that's epic in our book!  

Remember when healthy foods were far TOO EXPENSIVE and made via circa 2010 supply chains ... not cool. We went ahead and took the liberty to fix that.

Hold The Phone Fam ... Ours vs. Theirs?

Of course, it's really not a competition when we start talking bread lining the inner aisles of the grocery ... rest assured the whole house is safe and satisfied with our bread in hand.

Hmmm, how about vs. the cheap "Amazon best sellers"? We checked that too ...

Any way you "slice it" ... here at Uprising, we are bringing you BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. We don't mind if you go ahead and tell your friends or better yet ... join the cause! 

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 P.S. This doesn't even include our analysis of very $$$ very suspect supplements ... we'll save that for chapter 2.

Information as of April 2020. Rx Bar. Epic Bar.