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($1.35 / Serving) - 8 Uprising Superfood Cubes - Gluten Free + Keto + Prebiotic Fiber Boosted The Superfood Bread - Friends And Family Bundles


100+ Medical Practitioner Reviews

Chef Designed "Mouthfeel"

Digestive Game Changer

PubMed Proven Ingredients

Indian Psyllium Boosted

Fresh Baked. Shipped Each Monday.

Ingredients: Sourdough Cubes - Almonds, Psyllium Husk, Flax Seeds, Egg Whites, Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt, Water, and Baking Powder 
Here's what we bake into each "Family and Friends Bundle" delivery:
  • Up to 6 Month Supply (No Subscription Commitment Option)
  • 48-80 Servings / Bundle
  • 4-8 total cubes  (Not Pre-Sliced For Flexibility)
  • Up to 9 lbs. of Superfood Cubes
  • Average Cost = $12 / Week
      Additional Features You May Enjoy:
      • Mild Nutty Sourdough-Esque Taste
      • 2 Net Carbs, 6 Grams Protein And 9 Grams Fiber Per Serving
      • Clean Superfood Ingredient List With No Fillers
      • Hand-Mixed With Artisan Methods
      • Up To 6 Months Of Storage
          The Uprising Cube is our "one-of-a-kind" cube-shaped loaf. It works like the ultimate sandwich loaf that makes all of the classics. We believe it's the healthiest food in the game but it tastes like heaven!

          But how's it really taste?

          ... just like the pictures.


          Plus, don't worry about cubes going bad as they store and freeze very well if you need extra time to eat them! 




          Wait ... what about my wallet if I eat this all the time?

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