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The Happy Belly Bundle - Free Bonus Loaf Subscription (Now $1.25 / Slice)

$60.00 $72.00 saving $12.00

The Happy Belly Bundle - Free Bonus Loaf Subscription (Now $1.25 / Slice)

$60.00 $72.00 saving $12.00

Subscribe to a 5 Loaf Superfood Cubes Delivery GET 1 EXTRA Cube FREE Each Month - The Gut Health Boosting Bundle

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Additional $12 Off (aka free loaf) First Order ONLY ... type the promo code uprisingforlife at checkout. More free bread for the people!!! 

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***IMPORTANT NOTE: If you haven't read The Toast Cleanse please start there and come back***

This subscription only bundle is not for everyone and that's totally okay ... it IS for people who are serious about one or all of the following and is definitely our best deal: 

  1. Just simply love our bread and want to automate and remove the reordering annoyance.
  2. Fixing or optimizing gut health for the long haul ... not the short-term 
  3. Improving the convenience of living an adequate-fiber, keto-friendly, gut-health-focused-lifestyle ... because they are really freaking busy! 
  4. Simplifying the process of planning to have a "go-to" healthy food on hand
  5. Building a more sustainable day-in-day-out food plan that includes adequate fiber intake (30ish grams / 3 Slices per day)
  6. Seamlessly solving a major piece of the nutrition and fiber planning problem for the entire family's food menu. 
  7. Solving their daily personal fiber gap once and for all and experiencing the associated benefits ... including the perfect poo! 

    This bundle consists of 6 fresh Uprising Super Cubes, the "one-of-a-kind" cube-shaped loaf. This is the ultimate sandwich loaf and makes all of the classics (below). This is the best bundle for folks serious about health and you get a free bonus 6th loaf in each order! 

    The Launch Bonus: 

    We are doing it again ... the first 1,000 customers who stick with their bundle subscription for 6 months will get the "founder-esque" VIP treatment. You will get a newly developed "Bread Life" gift ($30 value). Plus, this gets you entry into The Bread Life Club where we will be releasing exclusive access items in the future! 

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    What makes our bread so awesome?

    • Unbeatable taste ... A mild nutty sourdough taste brought to superfood keto bread. Check out our reviews below! 
    • Supplement Vs. ... Our bread is more like a high-powered supplement disguised as bread than a "simple loaf of keto bread". That would be an insult to the product. 
    • Fiber First ... With 9 grams of fiber per slice, 3 slices of Uprising bread is about equivalent to two heads of broccoli in fiber!
    • 2 net carbs in a slice ... you can go crazy eating all the grilled cheese, BLTs and french toast you desire without the typical carb counting guilt and burdensome keto calculus. 
    • Sooo much food in each loaf ... We are busy packing your bread with actual food, not questionable bread tricks. Some people stuff their bread with air, fillers and other cost-saving ingredients. We, on the other hand, are putting truckloads of psyllium husk, almonds, flax seeds, apple cider vinegar and eggs into a dough that we apply serious bread magic (years of expertise) to ... all in order to transform fats and fiber into actual bread! We wear our 160 calories per slice like a badge of honor ... we are selling you actual fuel for your hard-earned dollar. 
    • Excellent storage ... despite being free from nasty preservatives, our bread stores for up to 6 months in the freezer and comes back to life beautifully in the fridge. 

    Here's what we bake into each "happy belly bundle" delivery:

    • 48 slices of bread 
    • 6 total cubes (8 slices each)
    • Over 7 lbs. of bread

    But how's it really taste?

    ... just like the pictures.


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      • Clean Keto Friendly

        We care about both the ingredients and the macros. This ain't ya momma's Aldi loaf.