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Our gut-boosting, functional foods tackle 5 of the most potent problems that slowly try to steal our health.

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Dr. Vimal Ramjee

(Cardiologist and Culinary Medicine Specialist):

“That magical place where great flavor and
healthy foods meet each other”

Dave Asprey

(Founder of Bulletproof & Father of Biohacking):

“I found something that works and my kids enjoy eating…
It improves gut health. Super clean ingredients… and it
actually tastes like sourdough.’

Dr. Michael J. Kaye

(Functional Medicine and Musculoskeletal Rehab):

“This wonderful magical bread Cube allows my
patients to eat bread again”

Trust Is Our Mission:

The food system has broken trust with all of us. We are now sick at scale. Uprising exists to restore our collective health one loaf at a time.

The Uprising Mission

Plus, Chips Made to Change the Game In Healthy Scoopers!

Whether you are gluten-free, keto, paleo, high fiber or need a total health overhaul ... these chips are going to take your healthy lifestyle up, at least, 10 notches. Your microbiome is going to thank you.

We Have Activated Psyllium!

Not all fibers are created equal … Our superfoods are packed with 10g of fiber per sandwich, which acts as the “food” for good gut bacteria. The activated psyllium in our products brings out the key beneficial properties of psyllium husk, all done via Uprising’s proprietary process, perfected over thousands of pounds of psyllium baking. Simply get eating! Psyllium husk also helps support lower cholesterol, appetite control, digestive health, and healthy blood sugar levels.

Trusted By The Press:

Our Artisan Story

We started Uprising with one goal: To make the tastiest, healthiest bread we could. Oh yeah, we also wanted to make it low carb and gluten-free. As you can imagine, this task was not-so-easy. But we love not-so-easy tasks. From the very first samples to the delicious Cubes people enjoy today, our commitment to making bread with the power to improve guts never wavered.

It took eight months of intensive R&D to dial in the perfect recipe for Uprising. We built-upon years of pioneering the farm-to-table baking movement. We used baking pans from around the world. We even tinkered with the metal alloy of those pans. And we ate A LOT of bread.

What we didn’t do was take any shortcuts like using preservatives or ingredients we wouldn’t put into our own bodies. That’s not the Uprising way.

We knew we were onto something when we took Uprising to local farmers markets, and it kept selling out. People who thought their bread days were over discovered they could fall back in love with avocado toast, grilled cheese, French toast, and more. Now we’re thrilled to bring that same joy to people around the country.