The best bread you could possibly eat during a pandemic ... we are ready to help.

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Winning the "war on gut health" just got a whole lot EASIER ...

First Victory?

The Best Tasting "Healthy" Bread?

We've been reviewed by the toughest critics ... and we passed with flying colors.

"Best keto version of bread I've ever had ... worth every penny"

So, How Do We Stack Up?

Our Uprising "superfood bread" is in a class all of its own. Modern science + master baking = the new gold standard in healthy bread. 

A "New" Healthiest Bread In The Game Has Arrived ...

This ain't "your daddy's killer bread" and it doesn't have to stay frozen. This is fresh bread that works with any healthy lifestyle ... including keto. 

Tastes Like A Cheat Meal ... But It's Not

This isn't your everyday "budget" bread. This is your take care of yourself, build a health foundation, chew every bit slowly, embrace that "I CAN SOMEHOW HEALTHY CHEAT MEAL MY WAY TO VICTORY" bread.

A Closer Look?

Finally, an actual healthy BREAD ... No Gluten, No Yeast and Low Carb ... tastes, toasts, cuts like the bread you are used to. We made no compromises with this loaf. It's the real deal.

  • 2:1 Keto Macros

    Our recipe features a 2 to 1 ratio of fats to carbs. A critical primer for achieving the keto fat burning state.

  • Low Carb and Gluten Free

    We took out the gluten, the yeast, the sugar and the carbs. The result is an incredible tasting bread without the bad stuff. 

  • Powerful Ingredients

    Loaded with healthy fats from almonds and golden flax seeds ... our ingredients pack a boatload of nutrition. We brought out only the best. 

  • Farm Fresh

    Everyone knows, if you want the best bread you have to go to the farmer's market and get it fresh, no preservatives. Farmer's market quality direct to your door.

See What's Inside?

Whether it be the thirteen colonies, the seven kingdoms, or the US of A ... this is darn good bread baked for the people.

The Macros

This is food designed with the math in mind. We've even uploaded Uprising bread into MyFitnessPal to make tracking easier (search Keto Kubes). Less tracking algebra for the people!

  • The Carbs

    Our first thought ... how do we get carbs as low as possible. 

  • The Fats

    Then we said ... how do we get you the right amount of fat to carbs ratio. 

  • The Protein

    Plus, we brought you get just enough protein. We keep you in control of the daily math.

  • Putting It All Together

    Here is our full nutritional facts panel. 

What Makes Our Brand Different?

Taste ... No Compromises

We stand for YOUR tastebuds. Our master bakers have baked bread for high-end, gourmet restaurants.

Healthy"est" Lifestyle Bread

We stand first and foremost for giving you bread that fits your lifestyle. Food that fits the math.

Farm Fresh ... Oven to Table

We source fresh ingredients from around the world, process at our farm bakery and ship loaves direct to your kitchen. 

Ingredient Quality .. The Best

We build bread with the highest quality ingredients ... Almonds, Flax and Apple Cider Vinegar to name a few. Not the cheap stuff ... the good stuff. 

Free From Grains

No gluten, no processed carbs, no artificial preservatives. This is food you can trust.

Service > Product

We sign up for more than getting you to purchase a loaf of bread. We're in it for the long haul. Your goals are our goals and we are ready to help. 

A Cause Worth Joining?

It's David vs. Goliath and we are coming for big bread.

Who We Serve

We created Uprising for people who are creating health transformation through food.

We are rebel bakers who reject the idea that you should have to give up bread when you switch to a healthier lifestyle.

If this resonates with you, welcome to the tribe ... you're in the right place!

Our Beliefs

Health is hard work ... however, the return is worth the investment. When you look and feel healthy inside and out ... mentally and physically, the world is your oyster. 

We believe life is a team sport and through community we can make that hard work just a little bit easier. That's a world we want to live in. Welcome to the Uprising.

The Ruckus!

Big bread companies need a wakeup call! Just like the Founding Fathers came against England back in the day, we are coming against the poor gut health wreaking havoc on Americans health.

High-Carb, Highly-Processed, Standard American Bread is clearly not working. We are here to shake things up and redefine great bread. 

Let's make a ruckus and break some bread together!

Our Farm to Table Process

We bake every loaf by hand. We make it fresh and ship direct to you. You can't find us in a store because we have no interest in letting the bread sit in distribution warehouses while it waits to find your table.

  • The Magic of the Oven

    It's not just the recipe. It's also the meticulous step-by-step process we use to transform our ingredients into a hand-crafted, fully baked masterpiece. It's our trade secret.

  • The Mad Scientist In Action

    He can do it all. Farm to table, the man behind the bread makes sure every detail is thought through ... our taste buds thank him! 

  • The Team

    We treat you like part of the family. Our "badass bakers" put the love into every loaf that comes out of our ovens. 

The Keto Joe

This is our very own original recipe creation. We are on a mission to make sloppy Joe's cool again! 

Our Declaration of Independence

Drafted by Breadlam himself, our fearless baking soldier has a few words for you. 

The Blue Oven Bakers

We aren't beginners. The Founders of Blue Oven Bakery came together with a pair of sibling health enthusiasts to make Uprising bread, the first Super Bread for the masses. Eleven plus years of baking experience, now comes to the world of low-carb foods. Move over fat bombs .. enter fat bread. Taste buds rejoice! 

Taste First, Health First ... There Is No "Second"!

The best selling healthy breads are disappointing. We are fixing that.