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6 Quick Keto Snacks That You'll Love

6 Quick Keto Snacks That You'll Love

 Are you hungry on your keto diet, but your next meal is hours away? A low-carb snack may be the answer as it can buy you a little bit of time, allowing you to delay your meals to fit your busy schedule. 

That said, snacking really shouldn't happen every day. In fact, ideally, you shouldn't feel the need to snack at all. One of the best benefits of keto is that it often prevents hunger pangs for hours on end after meals. If you regularly feel the urge to snack, it could be that you're not consuming enough protein and fat in your meals --so it might be time to up your intake!

For the times you occasionally need a quick snack, check out our awesome list of keto-friendly options below. 

What Exactly Is Keto And How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, keto is a high-fat, extremely low-carb diet with an adequate amount of protein thrown in. Despite what many people may think, it's not a new diet, as it was developed back in the 1920s to treat drug-resistant epilepsy in children and is still used in that capacity today. But that's not all; the ketogenic diet is currently being investigated as a potential breakthrough treatment for a wide range of neurological disorders and diseases. In other words, keto is not just some fad diet or celebrity weight-loss trend! 

The whole goal behind the keto diet is to put—and keep—your body in a metabolic state called ketosis. You see, our bodies normally burn carbs for energy. But when you restrict the number of carbs you consume, your body will naturally break down stored fat, creating tiny molecules called ketones to use as fuel instead. 

To be clear, ketosis is a totally normal physiological process, and there's nothing dangerous about it. It's just that this particular style of eating is keeping your body in that fat-burning state all the time. 

Hold Up - How Low Carb Are We Talking? 

While there are many different versions of the popular diet, generally speaking, we're talking roughly 75 percent of your daily calories from fat, 20 percent from protein, and 5 percent from carbs. That's roughly 30 to 50 grams of carbs a day. Some strict keto dieters will even go a step further and limit themselves to 20 carbs a day. This carb deficit is what puts your body into ketosis.  

What Are The Possible Benefits of Keto? 

Aside from losing some serious weight, the keto diet offers a ton of great possible benefits, such as:

  • Lower insulin levels—when you eat carbohydrate-rich foods, your blood sugar levels rise as a response. Insulin then steps in to lower those blood sugar levels, delivering glucose to your cells for energy or to store for backup energy called glycogen. But high insulin levels—which can happen when you eat too many carbs—can prevent fat loss. When following the ketogenic diet, your insulin levels are naturally lower. Low insulin means that your body can more easily access fat stores for energy

  • Hormonal balance—the keto diet can also help to balance other hormones aside from insulin. Among those hunger-regulating hormones is leptin, an essential hormone that tells your brain to stop eating. Ghrelin has the opposite effect: this cheeky hormone tells you to eat more. When these and other hormones stay balanced due to eating low carb, you're less likely to have hunger and cravings. 

  • Lower inflammation levels—did you know that chronic inflammation plays a major role in not only obesity but also diseases, including diabetes? Yup, it's true—sugar, in all its many disguises, is an inflammatory food. On keto, you keep your overall carbohydrate and sugar intake very low. When you combine this approach with whole, unprocessed foods—you lower your inflammation levels. 

These and other advantages of a ketogenic lifestyle may help you to lose weight and reduce your risk of disease. Those eating low-carb also report more energy, focus, and mental clarity

Delicious Keto-Friendly Snacks To Curb Hunger 

As you can see, a keto diet comes with many great benefits! That said, if you're new to the lifestyle, it can be really tough to stick with it—especially if you don't arm yourself with tasty low-carb snacks to keep you on track. Need a little snack inspiration? Here are some of our favorite quick keto snack that you're sure to love:

1. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich 

We know what you're thinking: how in the world is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich keto-friendly when bread has so many carbs? We'll let you in on a little secret; we use Uprising Bread. At only two net carbs per serving, this artisan-made bread with no gluten-containing ingredients is a serious game-changer and is absolutely delicious when paired with peanut butter. Super simple to make, this nostalgic keto-friendly snack will leave you feeling full and happy.   

2. Pork Rinds 

Pork skin that puffs up when it's fried is the perfect substitution for carb-filled chips. While they aren't very filling, pork rinds are high in fat, so they make for the perfect munchie when you need to do some mindless snacking. They come in a wide variety of seasonings but steer clear from the kinds that include MSG. You can always season them yourself, too, make pork rind 'nachos,' dip in cream-based dips, and so on. The possibilities are endless. 

3. Keto Chips 

Not really a pork rind fan, but looking for a way to get your 'chip fix'? Never fear; Uprising's Superfood Freedom Chips are here to the rescue! These unbelievably crunchy chips are only two net carbs per serving, made without gluten ingredients, and full of heart-healthy fiber and protein to keep you full all day long. 

They come in two tasty flavors—sea salt and savory rye—and are made with clean ingredients and absolutely no fillers or sugar. Finally, chips you can feel good about eating!

If you’re looking to accompany these chips with a dip (as you should), consider these options: 

  • Low carb guacamole 
  • Ranch dip 
  • Crab dip with cream cheese
  • Seven-layer dip

4. Hard Boiled Eggs

Whip them up in a large batch all at once and have them ready for grabbing on the go as you need them throughout the week. Hard-boiled eggs are a terrific quick keto snack that is super easy to make and loaded with healthy fat and protein to keep you satisfied. 

5. Deli Meat and Cheese Roll-Ups 

Arguably the easiest recipe in the world—deli meat, slices of cheese rolled up, eaten, and repeated. Seriously simple. 

These roll-ups are perfect to pack for snacking throughout the day, packing in your lunch, or even having as a quick evening snack when you're feeling especially peckish. The protein from the deli meat will keep you sustained, while the fats from the cheese will give you energy, keeping your body in ketosis.  

6. Meatball Sliders 

Traditional meatball sandwiches are pretty carb-heavy because of the bun. However, you can replace the bun with lettuce (or Uprising Bread) to make meatball sliders. 

Mix your favorite ground meat with eggs, herbs, garlic, and Parmesan cheese, shape into balls, and bake. Want to take this recipe up a notch? Use Uprising Bread to make your own bread crumbs. Bread crumbs will help to make your meatballs nice and tender rather than chewy. 

When you are ready to dig in, simply place the meatballs in the lettuce "buns" for a low-carb, high protein snack.  

A Final Word 

It can be really tough to find keto-friendly snacks that aren't only tasty and filling but also healthy. To help you out, our list above provides a variety of delicious options that you can choose from. Try them all, or pick the ones that tickle your fancy. 

Whether you decide to try Uprising's Superfood Freedom Chips or you make hard-boiled eggs to have on the go, you'll rest easy knowing that these tasty snacks won't kick you out of ketosis. 


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7 Low Carb, Keto Appetizers To Try For Your Next Party

7 Low Carb, Keto Appetizers To Try For Your Next Party

Many people who hop on the keto bandwagon think that they can’t have parties, or they’ll end up noshing on a ton of carbs, ultimately kicking them out of ketosis. Well, we’ve got good news for you—despite what many people may think, keto is actually one of the easiest lifestyle changes out there, because there are so many tasty recipes that adapt to the low-carb lifestyle. 

In this post, we’ll dive into some of the best keto-friendly appetizers that are so good, you won’t believe that they’re low carb (but, trust us—they are). Are you ready? 

But First, Here’s A Quick Refresher On The Keto Diet 

Short for ketogenic diet, this popular eating plan is all about minimizing your carbs and bumping up your fats to get your body to use fat as a form of energy. You see, during digestion, we break down carbohydrates into molecules of galactose, fructose, and glucose, the last of which serves as your body’s primary source of energy. When your body can’t draw this energy from carbs, it looks for other forms of energy. 

The keto diet deliberately places your body in a state of ketosis, where fat is released from cells and converted into ketones—the body’s plan B for energy production. 

What Are The Benefits To A Ketogenic Lifestyle?

Believe it or not, there are a ton of incredible benefits to taking carbs out of your diet. Here are a few of them:

Benefit # 1: Reduced Appetite

Hunger is usually the worst side effect of dieting. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why many people feel miserable and eventually throw in the towel. However, low-carb eating leads to an automatic reduction in appetite, with studies consistently showing that when people cut carbs and eat more fat and protein, they end up noshing on far fewer calories. 

Benefit # 2: Weight Loss

Weight loss is probably the most commonly cited health benefit that comes from a keto lifestyle—and it’s definitely not one to overlook. With keto, weight loss is effective and real for one simple reason: it helps dieters convert from a carb-heavy, carb-burning diet to a fat-heavy, fat-burning diet. 

A diet high in carbohydrates induces weight gain and bloating and relies on carbs for energy. A high-fat, moderate-protein, and very low-carb diet, on the other hand, curbs your appetite, allows you to eat until you’re satisfied and happy, and burns fat from your body and your foods for energy.

Whether you’re fit, a little out of shape, or carrying some extra fluff around your middle, a ketogenic lifestyle can do wonders for your health, ultimately reducing your risk for many obesity-related diseases and disorders, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers. 

Benefit # 3: More Energy

Consuming carbohydrates causes your blood sugar levels to fluctuate like the climbs and dips in a rollercoaster ride. One minute they are up, then the next they are down—the post-lunch “afternoon crash” being a classic example. 

Cutting out carbs and putting yourself in ketosis causes your blood sugar to stabilize, preventing the dreaded rollercoaster effect altogether. And within a week or so of living the low-carb way, you will feel more energetic overall. 

Best Keto-Approved Appetizers 

Now that you’re totally convinced to stick to your diet after reading those amazing benefits, we’re going to help make life a little easier and tell you about seven drool-worthy keto appetizers that are *so* good, you won’t believe they’re low carb—and your party guests won’t either! 

1. Charcuterie Board 

Who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board? Arguably the easiest low-carb appetizer you can make, this is sure to be a hit. And the best part? It really doesn’t take long to build an impressive charcuterie board with tasty meat roll-ups, cheese, nuts, veggies, and keto chips, so you can create it just before your guests arrive or have it ready ahead of time. 

2. Bacon “Chips” and Guacamole Dip 

This appetizer is sure to guac your world!

Swap out carb-laden tortilla chips for crisp bacon chips and dip them in rich guacamole till your heart’s content. This no-brainer of an appetizer will make you wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner. It’s the perfect recipe for game-day entertaining or as a Netflix-binging munchie. 

Simply crisp up some bacon in the oven, whip up your favorite homemade guacamole recipe, and you’re good to go. 

3. Pulled Pork Sliders 

We know what you’re thinking, how in the world can pulled pork sliders be keto-friendly when bread has a ton of carbs? We’ll let you in on a little secret: for this mouth-watering recipe, we use Uprising Bread—a gluten-free bread with zero grams of added sugar that’s artisan baked with just two net carbs per slice. Yup, you read that right—two net carbs. The protein, fiber, and healthy fats inside the bread will give you sustainable energy without feeling stuffed or weighed down while keeping your body in ketosis. And the best part? It’s absolutely delicious! 

Blow the socks off your party guests and follow this keto-approved pulled pork slider recipe using Uprising Bread to keep it low carb. Just be sure to make enough, as they are sure to get gobbled up fast!

4. Keto Chips 

Nothing is easier than setting aside a bowl of chips for everyone to snack on throughout the party. But seeing as traditional chips are highly processed and full of carbs, chips are typically off the table—that is until now. Introducing Uprising’s Superfood Freedom Chips—a crunchy chip alternative that is so good, you won’t believe they only have two net carbs per serving.

Hand-made with artisan methods, these guilt-free chips have six grams of protein and nine grams of fiber per serving, are gluten-free, and unbelievably delicious. Unlike most keto-chips on the market, we promise you won’t feel like you’re noshing on cardboard. Instead, you’ll enjoy a savory, crunchy low-carb experience that you can feel good about.  

5. Buffalo Cauliflower Bites 

Move over, chicken wings, buffalo cauliflower bites are taking over. This tasty appetizer serves up spicy buffalo flavor without the meat—or the carbs. Simply toss your cauliflower florets in a seasoned almond flour mixture, then bake and coat in a warm buttery hot sauce, and voila!

6. Deviled Eggs 

Deviled eggs are a classic, require just a handful of ingredients, and are super versatile. Jazz them up with different seasonings and toppings for more variety. They can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge until ready to serve, which, if you ask us, makes them the perfect appetizer to serve for any large party!

7. Antipasto Skewers 

Last on the list, but certainly not least, antipasto skewers are super easy to make and perfect for any occasion. All you need to do is stack up prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, and a fresh leaf of basil on a toothpick and serve. Pretty darn easy and totally delicious!  

A Final Word 

And there you have it—seven low-carb keto appetizers to try for your next party! 

If you’re just starting out on your ketogenic journey, it can be a little daunting to plan a party menu that is as irresistibly tasty as it is low-carb. But with our seven keto-approved appetizers above, we promise you’ll have nothing to worry about. Whether you make pulled pork sliders, deviled eggs, or bacon chips and guacamole, we’re sure your party is going to be a hit—and your guest won’t even realize they’re eating low-carb!

Here at Uprising Food, we understand how tough it can be to stick to the low-carb lifestyle. That’s why we’ve spent years perfecting our recipes to provide you with savory chips and sourdough bread at only two net carbs per serving. So go ahead and indulge—stress-free. 


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High Fiber Bread | How to Get 3x More Fiber Than Your Healthy Bread

High Fiber Bread | How to Get 3x More Fiber Than Your Healthy Bread

If you ask us, bread is one of the best foods in the world. Why? Because it can be used to make some pretty incredible things like ooey-gooey grilled cheese sandwiches, super crunchy homemade croutons, scrumdiddlyumptious avocado toast, and of course, grandma's famous bread pudding. Mmmm! While the options for bread are truly endless, making it a staple in many kitchens around the globe, we can't help but wish it had more fiber. 

Yes, there are purported "healthy" and whole grain breads out there with labels that proclaim they have a high fiber content, but the truth is that these loaves often contain no more than three grams per serving (which is usually two slices of whole wheat bread). Seeing as women should aim to eat at least 21 to 25 grams of fiber a day and men should shoot for 30 to 38 grams, you would have to eat quite a few slices of "healthy bread" to reach your goal. 

However, if you're trying to lose a little weight, noshing on bread all day to amp up your fiber intake isn't exactly a good idea since each slice contains around 120 calories. And no one wants to sit around eating wheat bran to get enough fiber. Sure, after snacking on 15 slices of bread, you may have hit your fiber target, but you also probably went over your calorie target, which isn't ideal for combatting obesity, to say the least. 

And don't even get us started on the ingredient lists! In many cases, "healthy bread" is often jam-packed with artificial ingredients, fillers, sodium, and sweeteners to hide the fact that the bread tastes like, well… cardboard. And white breads with added vitamins and minerals can only go so far. If only there was high fiber bread out there that was low in calories, high in fiber, and made with clean ingredients without having the texture of a brick. 

The High Fiber Bread You Need

Enter: Uprising Foods' Superfood Bread.

Arguably the healthiest bread on the planet, Uprising Food heard our prayers and created bread made with nine grams of fiber (yes, 3X more fiber than your healthy bread), six grams of protein, and only two net carbs per serving. 

Our first ingredient is almonds, which is pure protein, and then the flax seeds swoop in for extra fiber. Made without added gluten and absolutely nothing artificial, this bread tastes like a cheat meal—but it's not. Keto dieters, low carb warriors, and paleo eaters rejoice—finally, fiber-packed bread you can get behind! 

Wondering why we're so obsessed with fiber? We'll tell you, but don't blame us if you become a die-hard fiber fan, too, after learning about all the incredible health benefits. Fiber is truly a game-changer when added to one's diet, which is why it's so crazy that only five percent of us are eating enough of it. 

That said, hopefully, once people learn that they can increase their fiber intake simply by enjoying tasty sandwiches (and other amazing meals) using Uprising Food bread, we will start to see the fiber gap close and improved health for all. 

The Importance Of Eating Fiber 

Before we dive into all the amazing benefits of eating a fiber-rich diet, let's pump the brakes for a quick second—what exactly is fiber anyway?

Simply put, fiber (a.k.a. roughage) is the structural part of plant-based foods (like fruits, veggies, legumes, and nuts) that you can't digest or break down. There are two types of fiber: soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Each has different properties and characteristics, but both are equally important. 

  • Soluble Fiber: This type of fiber dissolves in water to form a thick gel-like substance that can then slow the passage of food through your digestive tract while pushing out toxins and waste. 
  • Insoluble Fiber: This type of fiber, on the other hand, does not dissolve in water but bulks up stool and may help alleviate constipation while promoting regularity.  

Now that you understand fiber and the two types, let's explore the benefits, shall we?

Benefit #1: Promotes Satiety 

Fiber essentially swells in your stomach—just like a sponge—which increases feelings of fullness and promotes healthy weight loss by creating a caloric deficit, even though you don’t feel hungry. 

Benefit #2: Have Healthier Gut Bacteria 

The 'good' bugs that make up your delicate gut microbiome feed off fiber and thrive. As these little critters gobble up fiber that has fermented in your gastrointestinal tract (yum), they begin to produce short-chain fatty acids that have a whole host of amazing benefits, including lowering systemic inflammation—which has been linked to nearly every major chronic health problem.

Benefit #3: Live Longer 

Who doesn't want to live longer? Researchers recently found that people who often consume fiber-rich foods had a 19 to 19 percent, respectively, reduced mortality risk compared to those who chowed down on less fiber. 

Benefit #4: Reduces Your Risk of Heart Disease

According to a recent review of 22 studies, for every seven grams of fiber eaten daily, your risk of heart disease drops by a whopping nine percent. That's partly due to the essential nutrients' ability to sop up excess cholesterol in your system and eliminate it before it can clog your arteries. 

Benefit #5: Boosts Energy Levels 

Put down the coffee and reach for a high-fiber snack like Uprising Foods Superfood Chips for an instant power-up instead. Each serving contains nine grams of fiber and six grams of protein to provide your body with sustained energy throughout the day. 

Benefit #6: Improves Skin 

Say goodbye to skin woes and hello to a glowing, radiant complexion! Because fiber soaks up toxins in the blood, getting rid of them through your digestive tract rather than your pores will make your skin clear and bright. What's not to love?

Benefit #7: Maintains Healthy Bowels 

Fiber does wonders to help maintain healthy bowel movements. It does this by encouraging regularity. As mentioned a little earlier, fiber often helps to relieve and prevent constipation by bulking up stool and making it easier to pass. You see, fiber helps to increase the weight of the stool, which means your stool should be softer and more comfortable as it leaves your body. Eating plenty of fiber is also thought to reduce the risk of developing a handful of uncomfortable conditions, such as hemorrhoids, kidney stones, and gallstones. 

Benefit #8: Regulates Blood Sugar Spikes 

Many foods rich in fiber—like the Superfood Bread from Uprising Food—may help regulate misbehaving blood sugar levels thanks to their lower glycemic index. It's crucial that you stabilize your blood sugar levels, as too many spikes over longer periods of time can be detrimental to your health.  

Benefit #9: Promotes Great Sleep 

Snacking on carbs late in the day can cause your blood sugar levels to peak and then crash during sleep hours, which is why some people wake from a deep slumber in the middle of the night. On the flip side, noshing on fiber-rich snacks can help to keep your blood sugar on a more even keel so you can clock in some much-needed restorative shut-eye. 

Benefit #10: Aids Healthy Weight Loss 

Not only will fiber help to keep you fuller for longer, but it binds with sugar and fat molecules as they travel through your digestive system, which naturally reduces the number of calories you actually get. Seeing as creating a calorie deficit is key to weight loss, it's easy to see how fiber can help you to reach your fitness goals. Whether you're looking to drop a few pounds or simply maintain your weight, fiber has your back. 

A Final Word 

Bet you didn't realize fiber had that many benefits! From supporting a healthy gut and bowel regularity to boosting energy levels and life longevity, fiber is an essential nutrient that should be consumed daily, period

So, how does one get more fiber than the traditional "healthy bread" found at the supermarket? Simple- leave that bread on the shelf and head on over to Uprising Food, where they'll find unbelievably tasty bread with three times more fiber baked to perfection without any icky additives. This bread can do more for you than whole-wheat flour and rye bread ever could.

Here at Uprising Food, we understand the importance of fiber and are on a mission to bring superfood staple foods like our artisan baked bread to the masses—even those with dietary sensitivities. Made with nine grams of fiber, six grams of protein, and only two net carbohydrates per serving, our delicious bread is more like a supplement that tastes like a sourdough!

Ready to become part of the five percent who reach their daily fiber goals? Check out our inventory today—trust us, you'll be glad you did. 


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