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Founding Fathers Bundle Order Updates

Well shoot ... we messed up. 

Where's my order? Did you guys just take my money and forget about me? 

Uprising Supporters,

We have heard your emails loud and clear! Founding Fathers Bundles had an estimated April 1st start shipping date but that was WAY too small on the website and the order email. We apologize. We are delayed further than 4/1 but have no fear we will always make it right with you! 

We THANK YOU for ordering a TON of keto bread! We are overwhelmed with gratitude. Your early orders make the fight against big bread, the fight for great tasting keto bread possible. You are the spark 🔥 ... perhaps "the orders heard round the world".   

That said, we have a boatload of bread to make and it will take us a few weeks to work through all of your orders. Why? Our artisan bakers make everything fresh, by hand, when orders come in. We will never stockpile loaves and inject preservatives into your bread. We fight against that type of food. 

We also know that 1-click ordering, have the product in two days, has made waiting uncool. We aren't about that ... we have no desire to be Amazon. We are old-school with a modern twist. We think making HEALTHY, great tasting keto bread and making it fresh is way "cooler" and way better for you than getting it to you instantly even if that means waiting a bit longer. However, you can rest easy because future orders will be delivered within a standard 5-7 days. At present, it's early days as we build up ingredient stores for you!"

Rest assured, we haven't run off on vacation with your hard earned money. We have been busy getting everything ready for you. In fact, I put on my very unfashionable "getting my hands dirty", full sweats outfit to help stack up bags of fresh psyllium for you. This is truly behind the front lines ... William Washington in action (see me exhausted at the end). 

Most importantly, if you want to cancel your order for any reason at all that is 100% fine with us. We understand not wanting to wait and/or feeling confused about the timeline when you ordered. Simply, reply to your order email and we'll take care of it for you! 

In the meantime, we thank you so much for being a part of our first community. We have some fun things coming ... be on the lookout for Baker's Dozen Playlist voting coming soon!  

The Loafer AndChief
William Washington

P.S. If you want a quick bit of entertainment from my nephew and I while you wait ... check out our latest video. 



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