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Crunchy, Cheesy Keto Crackers Recipe

Crunchy, Cheesy Keto Crackers Recipe

If you just hopped on the keto bandwagon, you might think that crunchy crackers are off the table, seeing as they are often full of carbs and empty calories. Well, we’ve got good news for you: with our crunchy cheesy keto crackers recipe, you can enjoy all the crackers your heart desires without any worry of falling out of ketosis. 

The best part? Once you learn how to make these drool-worthy cheesy crackers, the possibilities are endless as to what you can do with them. Whether you want to dunk your crackers in an ooey-gooey cheese sauce, use them as a vehicle for a creamy artichoke dip, or munch on them as is, when it comes to crackers, it’s up to you! 

So wash your hands, throw on your apron, and pull out the mixing bowls. Let’s dive into the best crunchy, cheesy keto crackers recipe on the planet!

Here’s a Quick Rundown on the Ketogenic Diet 

Keto (short for ketogenic) is super high in fat (about 80 percent of your daily calories), super low in carbs (less than 5 percent of your daily calories), and moderate in protein (typically 15 to 20 percent of your daily calories) diet. This is a pretty drastic change from the generally recommended macronutrient distribution of 10 to 35 percent fat, 45 to 65 percent carbs, and 20 to 35 percent protein. 

Why so few carbs, you ask? The purpose of cutting back on carbs is to push your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. In this desired fat-burning state, the liver produces higher levels of ketones (an alternative fuel source) through the digestion of fat. You see, typically, the body and brain’s primary fuel source is glucose (sugar) which comes from carbs. So when following a diet like a keto, where carbs are severely restricted, the body lacks enough glucose to properly fuel itself, forcing it to burn fat for energy instead, ultimately producing ketones.

To reach ketosis, you need to greatly reduce your carbohydrate intake and bump up your healthy fats intake. Ketosis takes place when the liver breaks down fat into fatty acids and glycerol through beta-oxidation. These fatty acids are then further broken down into energy-rich substances known as ketone bodies that circulate through the bloodstream. Once your blood levels of ketone rise to a certain point, you officially enter ketosis. This metabolic state is responsible for all the incredible health benefits that have pushed the ketogenic diet into the spotlight. 

Speaking of Health Benefits, Here Are a Few of Them: 

Here are three amazing health benefits that can happen when you start eating keto. 

1. Energy Levels Rise 

In the first few days of eating low carb, it’s not uncommon for dieters to experience the “keto flu,” which is a short period in which you may have headaches, nausea, and fatigue. These less-than-favorable symptoms are a definite sign that your body is making the switch from burning glucose for energy to fat; aka, your body is entering ketosis. 

The changeover can leave you feeling pretty lousy and unbelievably depleted for a few days, but once you break through to the coveted fat-burning phase, you may find that you have much more energy and greater sustainable endurance than what you did when eating a carb-heavy diet. 

2. Reduction in Inflammation​ 

Inflammation is your body’s natural immune response to help fight and heal the infection. But too much and persistent inflammation (called chronic inflammation) can cause quite a bit of harm. In fact, chronic inflammation underlies most degenerative diseases. And according to the World Health Organization, these chronic diseases are actually the greatest threat to human health.    

Thankfully, something as simple as following the ketogenic diet can help to keep inflammation in check. Keto may help to curb unnecessary inflammation by:

  • Reducing oxidative stress
  • Reducing blood sugar
  • Inhibiting inflammation
  • Increasing adenosine receptor activity 

3. Improvement in Memory Function​ 

Although doctors are still unsure of the exact relationship, there’s quite a bit of evidence to suggest that the ketogenic diet can improve memory and brain function. Some studies have found that low-carb diets may reduce the risk and symptoms of common conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as possibly reducing the effects of mental health disorders. 

How To Make Crunchy, Cheesy Keto Crackers 

It can be really tough when you first start on your keto journey because you basically have to re-teach yourself how to eat. What you used to think was a perfectly harmless bowl of oatmeal is now your worst enemy. Those whole wheat crackers you used to munch on mindlessly? Yeah, you can’t have those anymore. Apples, pineapples, and peaches are off-limits, and so is your favorite mocha latte from Starbucks. 

That said, once you get into the keto-groove and familiarize yourself with tasty low-carb food options and have a few delicious keto recipes under your belt, we promise, life gets easier. But to help get you going, here’s our favorite crunchy cheesy keto crackers recipe that you have to try. Trust us, once you try these unbelievably crunchy crackers, you won’t miss the carbs.

The Cracker Recipe 

There are a ton of different ways you can make keto-approved crackers, usually utilizing almond flour. But since we’re pretty big fans of all things crunchy, we substitute almond four for crunchy chips. But not just any ‘ol chips, which are typically loaded with a hefty amount of carbs and empty calories. We use Uprising Food’s Superfood Freedom Chips

Uprising Food’s Superfood Freedom Chips are a true game-changer because they’re made with zero grams of artificial sugar, absolutely nothing artificial, and contain only two net carbs per serving. Artisan-made and baked fresh, you’ll also find six grams of protein and nine grams of fiber in each serving to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to function at its best. Finally, chips that don’t only taste amazing but are super healthy, too. What’s not to love? 

Crunchy, Cheesy Keto Cracker Instructions 

Making your own crunchy cheesy crackers may sound like a whole lot of work, but it really only takes 10 to 15 minutes of prep and some time in the oven. Not too bad!

First things first: toss your chips into the food processor and pulse until it’s nice and fine so it almost resembles flour. Make enough, so you have about a cup. Leaving your chip “flour” in the processor, add a cup of shredded cheese. While you can use just about any cheese that tickles your fancy, cheddar cheese gives the crackers extra crispiness and tends to hold the best. Mozzarella is also a good choice. Blend well until dough appears. If your dough is a little too crumbly, add a splash of water.  

Then, place your dough onto a piece of parchment paper, and place another piece of parchment paper directly on top. Roll out your dough until it’s flat and thin. Next, using a pizza cutter, cut the dough into squares. Place the crackers on the lined baking sheet and throw them in the oven for ten minutes before flipping and baking for another five minutes. Remove your crackers from the oven, allow them to cool completely, and voila, you just made super crunchy, cheesy keto crackers! 

A Final Word 

Following the keto diet can be really tough because it forces you to cut out some carb-heavy favorites like chips and crackers. Thankfully, with a little bit of guidance, you can learn how to create a ton of delicious low-carb recipes like this crunchy, cheesy keto crackers recipe listed above. All you need is cheese, a little water, salt, and pepper to taste, as well as Uprising Food’s Superfood Freedom Chips, and you can make your very own keto-approved chips in a matter of minutes. 

Here at Uprising Food, we believe in clean ingredients backed by science to work with your body, not against it. That’s why we’ve created keto-approved chips and bread using only the best ingredients made with no added sugar and absolutely nothing artificial. Gluten-free and artisan-made, whether you’re following a low-carb diet or just looking for healthier options, we have what you need to keep you on track. 


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