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What Are Microbiome Superfoods?

What Are Microbiome Superfoods?

Over the last couple of years, bacteria has become a pretty buzzy topic—and not because everyone is trying to banish it with buckets of hand sanitizer. 

A resilient microbiome—also known as the bacteria that call your body home—helps support a healthy metabolism, digestive tract, and immune system. But that’s not all; you see, the microbiome is essentially a living community of tiny bugs that reside within your intestines. And while the thought of little critters living in your gut may give you the heebie-jeebies, these microbes are key to good health and overall wellbeing. 

It might be hard to believe, but these bacteria help extract the nourishing nutrients from your food to support everything from your mental wellness to your physical wellness. 

Needless to say, the bacteria in your gut are important, and keeping them happy and healthy is essential for optimal health—but how does one do that?

Enter: Microbiome Superfoods

Everyone knows the importance of good nutrition, but did you know what you eat directly affects the bacteria in your gut? Yup, when your diet is rich in processed foods, the bad bacteria, like viruses and fungi, tend to flourish. This can result in many uncomfortable side effects, such as bloating, constipation, indigestion, and so much more. 

On the flip side, when your diet is jam-packed with healthy whole foods and clean ingredients, the friendly bacteria flourish and can keep the unfriendly bacteria in check. In other words, the phrase “you are what you eat” has never been more true.

While many different foods can support a healthy lifestyle, there’s only a handful or two that can call themselves microbiome superfoods—aka, food that’s good for the gut!

Interested in learning more? Read on as we uncover some of the best microbiome superfoods to help keep your gut in tip-top shape. 

But First, What Are Superfoods Exactly? 

Despite what you might think, superfoods aren’t just reserved for superheroes. In fact, every one of us could benefit from the wonderful effects of implementing these powerful foods into our diets. 

When we say “powerful,” we don’t mean apples with night vision or carrots with super strength. Some foods are rich in essential nutrients that are so good for the body—it’s almost as if they have powers. These fantastic foods are known as superfoods

Superfoods are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Some of the incredible purported benefits of a diet rich in these body-nourishing foods include:

  • Healthier skin
  • Better heart health
  • More energy
  • Less inflammation
  • Improved cognition
  • Lower risk of disease
  • Healthier body composition

It goes without saying that superfoods are pretty amazing—but what are microbiome superfoods?

There are a ton of great superfoods, and they all offer different benefits. For example, the superfood kale is great for eye health and strong bones. Salmon is excellent for healthy skin. Nuts are well-known brain superfoods, and berries are fantastic for the heart. As you can see, no two superfoods are exactly alike as they all offer their own advantages. 

So, what are microbiome superfoods? Simply put, they are superfoods that benefit the microbiome. 

The Best Microbiome Superfoods For A Healthy Gut 

As mentioned earlier, a diet rich in processed foods can be quite damaging to your health. The bad bacteria living in the gut feed on refined ingredients, such as white sugar, white flour, and oil. When the bad bacteria feed, they multiple and essentially overrun the good bacteria. 

The good bacteria in your gut don’t like processed foods and prefer a diet rich in healthy whole foods—specifically microbiome superfoods. These powerful foods are jam-packed with gut-healthy nutrients, and when you eat them, you’re providing the friendly bugs the nourishment they need to keep the bad bacteria at bay. 

Wondering what some of the best microbiome superfoods are? Here are a few of them:


A delicious tropical fruit, papaya is rich in a digestive enzyme called papain. This gut-lovin’ nutrient does wonders for digestion and can even be purchased over the counter to assist in minor tummy upset. 

Sure, you can always take a supplement, but why do that when you can enjoy a luscious papaya instead? Keep your stomach happy, and consider adding this mouth-watering treat to your diet.  

Uprising Superfood Chips 

If you haven’t tried our revolutionary Uprising Superfood Freedom Chips—you’re missing out. 

Masterfully crafted with clean superfood ingredients such as almonds, psyllium husk, and flax seeds, our low-carb, high-crunch chips are truly one-of-a-kind. In each serving, you’ll fuel your body with nine grams of fiber, six grams of protein, and only two net carbs. 

Keto-friendly, gluten-free, and unbelievably delicious, our Uprising Superfood Freedom Chips with prebiotic fiber aren’t just a treat for you, but for the friendly bacteria in your gut, too!

Psyllium Husk 

Another incredible microbiome superfood, psyllium husk, is considered to have prebiotic effects, meaning it feeds the good gut bacteria and helps them grow. What’s more, psyllium husk is very high in fiber, so it’s also an excellent superfood to support good digestion.

Here at Uprising Food, we bake our mouth-feel Uprising Superfood Bread with psyllium along with many other gut-loving ingredients to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to keep it working properly. Made without anything artificial or icky chemicals, our high-fiber bread is a digestive game-changer designed to be your foundation food. 

Whether you’re in the mood for toast covered and smothered in fresh avocado or are looking to make an ooey-gooey grilled cheese, you can count on us to provide you with bread that tastes so good, you won’t believe it’s healthy. 

A Final Word 

So, what are microbiome superfoods, you ask?

Simply put, microbiome superfoods are nutrient-dense foods that directly impact the gut in a positive way. Unlike processed foods, these powerful superfoods feed the friendly bacteria that call your body home to give them the strength they need to combat the unfriendly bacteria. 

In other words, microbiome superfoods are like kryptonite to bad bacteria. And when the bad bacteria are kept in check, the good bacteria can do their job to keep you healthy!

Here at Uprising Food, we know the importance of good gut health. That’s why we made our Uprising Superfood Freedom Chips and Uprising Superfood Bread with clean gut’-lovin’ microbiome superfood ingredients. 

Whether you’re looking for a delicious crunchy treat or the best high-fiber bread on the market, you can count on Uprising Food to have just what you need. Check us out today and help your gut bacteria thrive tomorrow!


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