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Quick Cube "Hack": Cya Rice!

Quick Cube "Hack": Cya Rice!

     Hey there! It's Zach (Head of Hearts). I wanted to super quickly share this recent "hack" I have been doing with me and my wife's Hello Fresh dinners. If you are familiar with the popular meal service (a dream when you have an 8 month old!), a lot of the meals are rice based.
Normally, I am fine with this, but with a family beach vacation coming up in a couple of weeks I have been "carb cycling" and going ultra low-carb a few times a week. 
So how do I do it? 
Well, at the very last step of cooking our meal, instead of pouring whatever mixture of protein and veggies over white rice, I have just been saving half and dicing up a couple slices of Uprising and then throwing it in the pan with MCT oil and some grass fed butter for about 60 secs.
It does change the overall "vibe" of the meal and flavor profile a bit, but without a doubt it has still been delicious the three or so times that I have done it.
So that's my recent "hack"...another recent hack I heard from one of our customers is buying a sandwich from their favorite local spot and then replacing the bread with Uprising...GENIUS.
So what is your best recent Uprising hack? Click here to drop your answer and I may feature you on an upcoming text or email! ;)
Cheers and happy cubing!!! ;)


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