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The calm within the Coronavirus storm ...

The calm within the Coronavirus storm ...

Dear Upriser, 

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Here at Uprising, our foundational goal is to bring healing nutrition to the bellies of the masses. Furthermore, we want to support you, strengthen you and be there for you every step of the way in your health journey no matter what challenge you are dealing with. 

We have a motto internally "be the calm within the storm" ... We want you to know that even through this chaos we are here for you, your friends, your family and your neighbors.  

It's an extraordinary time and as Americans hunker down and experience empty shelves we know that nutritional quality is going to suffer at the time when we need our health at it's very best.

We want you to know that Uprising is standing ready with plenty of ingredients on hand. We've got highly skilled bakers who want to bake for you. We can ship fresh bread, loaded with superfoods direct to your door.

Plus, we've built up our supply lines and have invested in large ingredients stockpiles. We are ready to bake for the people. 

Furthermore, we know that a lot of people are impacted financially so we are going to temporarily offer $22 OFF = BOTH free flat rate shipping and an additional free loaf with every happy belly subscription's first order. Simply use moresupportforthepeople at checkout to claim this discount and get on this week's bake list. 

Also, this discount is not advertised on the website but if you'd like to get your friends/family access, feel free to forward this hidden page and/or code as you see fit ... people > profit (totally fine to cancel after order is restored around us). 

Thank you for being an Uprising supporter and we hope you'll help spread the word ... Uprising is ready to help. Most importantly, we hope you are blessed with safety and health in this tough time.

Feel free to email or chat with us if there's anything we can do to help or if you have any questions. 


William Washington

Founder and CEO


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