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What bread goes with soup? A perfect side of flavor

What bread goes with soup? A perfect side of flavor

Steak and potatoes, bacon and eggs, peanut butter and jelly. These are classic food combinations that always work better together than on their own.

Among all these famous duos, we think soup and bread take the prize.

Whether you make it at home or order it up at the local cafe, there’s something about the soup and bread combination that is extra delicious and comforting.

Ask anyone what they believe to be the best soup and bread combo, and you’ll get a new answer each time.

It definitely comes down to personal preference, but everyone can get behind this pairing.

But what breads are best suited to support soups, and vise versa?

For folks looking to get healthy, is it possible to have a combo that fits your dietary requirements?

Let’s look into what makes bread and soup so special, why we love certain pairings, and what you need to make this dish a healthy part of your menu at home.

Best breads for soup

So many soups, so many breads, so little time.

We’re not about to calculate the number of potential combinations that match these two amazing components, but we guess it’s in the millions.

While Spoonful of Comfort claims that proper etiquette discourages dunking, we have to respectfully disagree. There’s nothing better than dunking bread in soup, and we refuse to give that up in the name of manners.

Real questions arise when we have to pick a pairing.

How do you decide what bread to pair with which soup, and why do some combos work better than others?

Think about soup and bread as the main players in a two-person show.

They need to complement and support each other, and one cannot outshine the other. The soup is the melody while bread sings harmony.

For instance, a super dense and hearty soup like chicken noodle does not need a dense, dark bread to support it. A creamy soup requires something extra-absorbent and fluffy.

You can go on intuition to figure out some of these classic matchups. The Breadit section of Reddit has a ton of homegrown recommendations if you’re looking to get inspired, as well.

In the meantime, we’ve put together a little list to get you going.

Here’s how popular bread pairs with the ideal soups:

  • French baguettes are versatile for creamy or brothy soups.
  • Sourdough is a favorite to mop up hearty, earthy soups.
  • Rye has a bold flavor that matches tomato and creamy soups.
  • White bread is absorbent and buttery but doesn’t offer many flavors.
  • Multigrain goes well with hearty stews.
  • Cornbread is perfect with chili and spicy bean soups.

The truth is you won’t get a knock on the door from the Culinary Institute of America if you break the rules on any of these classic setups, but you should know the basics regardless.

Do whatever suits your own tastebuds and don’t hesitate to try out new combos!

Toasting makes a difference

Something just doesn’t feel right about serving untoasted bread with soup.

Even a chunk of semi-stale sourdough is preferred over a regular slice of bread from the store!

Why is it that toasted bread is such an essential part of the soup and bread duo?

First of all, soup is often served piping hot, which means that bread should have some heat applied to match the mood.

Whether it’s minestrone, chicken noodle, or cream-based chowder, bread needs a good toast to hold up against the heat and weight of the liquid and other ingredients within.

Everyone has their own method for toasting, and there isn’t a wrong way to do it.

You can throw that bread in a toaster if it fits, but you can always fire up the oven and bake a few chunks if they refuse to fit in the other appliances.

Some folks like to chop their bread up into crouton form, while others are satisfied crushing up a piece of stale bread into croutons and sprinkling them generously on top of the bowl.

According to the New York Times, the one rule you can’t break is timing, and your bread has to be freshly toasted to fulfill its potential.

As long as the flavor and texture of your bread make a good partner for the soup base, you really can’t go wrong.

Health considerations

Although soup and bread make a stellar comfort food meal, it isn’t the most accessible cuisine for folks trying to keep their health in order.

More people around the world are adopting eating habits that prohibit carbohydrates, gluten, and dairy, meaning that many soup and bread pairings are now out of the picture.

We feel the pain of anyone who has to give up soup and bread, but we’re also hopeful that alternatives exist. 

A few smart tweaks for each component can make the meal viable for any health requirement.

Let’s start with soup. The truth is that finding a soup that fits the low-carb and keto lifestyles isn’t that difficult.

Since keto prioritizes fat and protein while minimizing carbs, all you need to do is find a soup recipe that doesn’t overdo it on the pasta, rice, potatoes, and beans.

This is easier than you think! Starches are often not necessary to get the full flavor of the soup in the first place. Furthermore, bread can bulk up the meal if you pick the right slice.

Whether you like it spicy, creamy, tangy, or beefy, there is a soup that fits the bill and won’t ruin your low-carb balancing act.

Things get trickier when picking a healthy bread for the supporting role.

Optimal health and taste

Even if you have the perfect soup recipe lined up, it’s tough to find a bread that checks all the nutrition boxes and delivers the heartiness and crunch of a good soup companion.

Gluten-free folks find that store-bought GF bread just doesn’t hold up to the demands of creamy soups, and the absorption is lacking as well.

The same deal applies to “healthy” sprouted grain bread you find in the freezer section. Even when toasted, they tend to crumble and don’t offer the flavor you desire.

Luckily, we have a solution.

At Uprising, we created the bread you were looking for all along.

Low on carbs, high on protein and healthy fat, our Superfood bread is changing the way people enjoy soup and bread for the better.

Instead of seeing this meal as a guilty pleasure or occasional comfort food, our bread turns it into a total nutritional powerhouse that propels you toward your goal.

Consider a creamy chicken soup or chowder that would usually be off-limits. If you go keto and use this bread as a vessel, that meal becomes a perfect fit for your new lifestyle.

Remember, keto is all about maximizing healthy fats and protein while cutting the carbs. So as long as you opt for a low carb soup, our bread turns it into a lovely meal with no guilt.

This is one of the crowning achievements of our Superfood bread, the ability to go hand in hand with the most beloved soups in the world.

Just check out our hundreds of shining reviews that show the fun and inventive ways folks are putting soup and bread back on the menu.

With so many keto and low-carb soup recipes out there, you have no excuse to lag behind.

And yes, Superfood bread is great when toasted! Just slather on some butter and blast it in the oven or toaster to get that perfect crispy outer layer that goes with every soup.

It doesn’t just look like bread, it truly tastes delicious and has all the textural qualities you expect from a nutty, multigrain sourdough loaf.

Toast it up, make a creative side dish or fry up some grilled cheese sandwiches for the ultimate accompaniment. Our bread gives you more flexibility than you ever thought possible.


For folks committed to the keto lifestyle, low-carb living or dietary restrictions, soup and bread is one of those comfort foods that is tough to give up.

Our Superfood bread lets you put this classic combo back on the dinner menu with hearty, healthy slices that deliver big flavor and hold up against your favorite soups.

Soup and Superfood, it’s a match made in bread heaven!

Whether you’re committed to the keto lifestyle or just trying to cut weight for summertime, this bread can add a huge boost of flavor and fullness to your soup.

You don’t have to have lofty dietary goals to enjoy our bread, either. Many folks say it just makes them feel great and they love the convenience of home delivery, to boot.

Don’t hesitate to shoot us any questions you may have about our Superfood bread. Customer feedback helps point us in the right direction.

Track all the latest healthy soup and bread trends on our social media and sign up for our email newsletter for updates delivered right to your mailbox.


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