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What can I eat instead of bread? Wait, there's healthy bread?

What can I eat instead of bread? Wait, there's healthy bread?

Bread has had a tough decade in terms of public perception.

It might have once been an essential grocery pickup along with milk and eggs, but since science blew the lid off the sugar situation, everyone has been more skeptical of bread.

Folks today are way more health-conscious than previous generations, reading nutritional labels more often than the tabloid magazines at the grocery store checkout.

From the keto craze to low-carb lifestyle trends, it’s looking like traditional bread loaves don’t have a guaranteed place in the future of healthy cuisine.

The question on everyone’s mind has become: what bread alternatives exist, and how can I maximize my enjoyment of gourmet food without relying on bread?

Thankfully, culinary professionals and home cooks have been hard at work as they put together incredible recipes that feature legit bread substitutes.

Food scientists are also introducing new types of superfood bread that provide a satisfying improvement over the traditional loaves in terms of health and dietary standards.

Let’s take a look at the current state of bread alternatives, and explore the new types of healthy bread that are sweeping the culinary universe.

Why seek alternatives

Roll the clock back just a few decades and you’d receive some very weird looks for suggesting that bread isn’t a healthy part of the human diet.

After the agricultural revolution, we’ve become accustomed to grain-based products to sustain civilization and experienced incredible growth as a result.

Who would want to go back to cave days and sacrifice bread, one of the great innovations of all time? It seems like a crazy proposition to anyone who grew up eating bread daily.

The truth is that bread was never a very healthy option. Even the darker multigrain loaves at the store pack a ton of hidden sugar and other unwanted additives.

As society becomes more aware of gluten sensitivity, there has been more backlash.

It turns out that a significant portion of the population has some form of gluten allergy, and many people report that cutting it out completely has reversed major ailments.

We also have to account for the rise in diets such as South Beach and Atkins, which put bread on the blacklist around the turn of the 21st century.

Since then, more research has revealed that bread is quickly converted to sugar in the bloodstream, meaning that diabetics should probably steer clear.

Anyone who has attempted to go low-carb or adopt the keto lifestyle knows that traditional bread is just not conducive to staying on track with their goals.

Keto has some serious restrictions that usually prohibit bread. Only 5% of daily caloric intake should come from carbs, and the rest should be from protein and fat.

With over 15 carbs per slice, it’s nearly impossible to incorporate bread into these diets, especially since the blood-sugar spikes lead to more cravings and withdrawals.

In addition, many store-bought bread loaves contain artificial preservatives and other unwanted chemicals meant to increase shelf-life and flavor.

Folks looking to clear these things out of their diet are understandably averse.

With all these things in mind, it’s no surprise that people are looking for ways around bread and getting more experimental with alternatives in the kitchen.


The next best things


Cutting out the bread isn’t easy, but Medical News Today offers an impressive list of ingredients that can take its place.

A little outside-the-box thinking can lead to some tasty and healthy creations!

To replicate the fun form factor of a sandwich or burger, a vegetable like eggplant disks and portobello mushrooms can do the job.

Slice them thick, throw them on the grill or in the oven to toughen them up, and use them to bookend a burger or any sandwich filling you can think of.

Lettuce, cabbage and collard greens are all suitable substitutes for tortillas and other wraps, and while they may not be as durable as the originals, you don’t have to feel guilty about eating a few more than usual.

You can steam these vegetables as well to improve durability and even add more layers of flavor. 

Don’t forget nori sheets, either, which are sometimes overlooked in the West, but are addictive once you figure out how to use them. Culinary Nutrition offers some tips on how to enjoy nori to the fullest.

Sweet potato is also rising in the ranks for hearty bread alternatives, although the starch in this vegetable may not be great for folks trying to cut out carbs.

Bread-free recipes are always popping up on social media and recipe sites across the web, so anyone looking to live the lifestyle should follow along and switch things up to keep it fresh.

Not all breads are equal

We sometimes put all bread under the same umbrella, but the truth is that nutritional value varies greatly from one type to the next.

The Glycemic Index is the most helpful gauge to determine the impact of food on blood sugar, and each bread ranks differently on the GI scale depending on ingredients and production.

Sourdoughs and rye are often cited as the best options from the traditional bread lineup, and sprouted-grain bread also gets a lot of praise for its all-natural approach.

Healthline makes the great point that Cloud Bread, Oopsie Bread, and even cauliflower bread can deliver a satisfying chew that goes missing with a low-carb lifestyle.

These bread alternatives rely on the fluffy properties of eggs to create a nice option for folks who miss English Muffins in the morning.

It’s worth checking out these simple recipes at home to see if they click for you.

Gluten-free folks should also not overlook corn tortillas, which offer a sturdy wrap canvas for everything from taco meat to vegetables and tasty toppings like guac and sour cream.

Unfortunately for the gluten-free crowd, many GF breads are still loaded with dairy and other questionable ingredients meant to bind everything together.

This leaves diners in a tricky dilemma, where they have to sacrifice certain dietary practices to enjoy GF bread. Most of the time, it just isn’t worth the headache (and stomach ache).

Even though there is some variation on GI levels in different bread, and new recipes exist to accommodate allergies, there is something missing for the folks who want to enjoy bread 100% guilt free.

That’s why we committed to inventing a bread that covers all your bases and delivers the texture and flavor you’ve been missing.

A superfood revolution

We’re thrilled to see that so many awesome bread alternatives have come into the spotlight lately, but we’d be lying if we said they fill the void 100%.

Our deep desire for a truly healthy bread led us on a long journey to research and create Superfood bread, which is unlike anything on the market.

Also known as Keto Kubes for their low-carb, high protein, and fat profiles, this bread allows health-conscious consumers to enjoy real sandwiches, toasts, and burgers once again.

If you’ve had enough of the lettuce wraps, nori sheets, and cauliflower crusts, it’s time to join the Uprising Revolution and get back to enjoying real bread daily!

You can finally enjoy grilled cheese, french toast and hearty deli sandwiches without derailing your diet or risking an allergic reaction.

Toast a slice in the morning and load it with avocado, fresh chopped veggies and a poached egg. Lather up the butter or other keto-friendly spreads, tuna or chicken salad.

Customers love the versatility of the bread and the fact that it tastes like an old-school whole grain sourdough loaf.

The best part is that you can have a slice with every meal and still hit your keto macros at the end of the day. 

Every slice has six grams of protein, 11 grams of healthy fat and only 2 net carbs thanks to the high fiber content. Check out the FAQ for more info.

It’s a fantastic feeling to be liberated from the carb-heavy bread that makes you feel guiltier with each bite. Enjoy bread like you used to, knowing it’s leading you toward your health goals!

It looks like bread, it acts like bread, and most importantly it tastes like bread.


With so many great recipes and more restaurants offering alternatives to wraps and sandwiches, it’s easier than ever to go breadless.

But even with a world of bread-free options out there, nothing beats the actual thing.

Our Superfood bread has changed lives by putting bread back on the menu for real!

Whether you aim to transform your body with the keto diet or you just want to cut gluten and dairy out of the picture, we recommend you give our bread a try.

With direct delivery and a great comparative cost per calorie, Superfood bread stands alone as the premier healthy bread on the market.

See for yourself what keto warriors and low-carb devotees are saying about Keto Kubes, and make sure you follow us on social media to stay on top of the latest recipes and trends.



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