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📅 "When will my order ship?"

We ship out every Monday afternoon! (with the exception of major holidays) You will receive a tracking confirmation email once it is in transit!

NOTE: All orders must be placed by Sunday at Midnight EST in order to make that week's ship list.

☝️ "Can’t I just buy one loaf?"

↔️ "What are the differences between bundles?"

🔪 "Is your bread pre-sliced?"

📦 "How is the bread shipped?"

🟣 "My bread has purplish spots, is that mold?"

↩️ Do you accept returns?

👅 "What does it taste like?"

👄 "What is the texture like?"

🥗 "Why is your bread so much healthier than regular bread?"

😭 "Why is it so expensive?"

✈️ "Where do you ship to?"

❄️ "How do I store the bread?"