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The Starter Bundle - 4 Superfood Cubes Bread Bundle ($1.50 / Slice)


The Starter Bundle - 4 Superfood Cubes Bread Bundle ($1.50 / Slice)


The Uprising Superfood Cube is our "one-of-a-kind" cube-shaped loaf. The ultimate sandwich loaf that makes all of the classics. We believe it's the healthiest loaf in the game but it tastes like heaven!

This starter bundle is the best bundle to save money getting started with Uprising keto bread! It keeps it simple and keeps you under the $50 mark.

However, if you want the best deal we recommend upgrading to the serious bread lovers bundle here or the family and friends bundle here


Us Vs. Them

It's kind of like a health bar disguised as bread.

"All of the things" at about half the price ... now that's epic in our book! 

*Price per serving if bought on subscription. $1.50 per slice with the starter bundle

What makes our bread so awesome? 

Unbeatable taste ... A mild nutty sourdough taste brought to keto bread. Check out our reviews below! 

2 net carbs in a slice ... you can go crazy eating all the grilled cheese, BLTs and french toast you desire without the typical carb counting guilt and burdensome keto calculus. 

Sooo much food in each loaf ... We are busy packing your bread with actual food, not questionable bread tricks. Some people stuff their bread with air, fillers and other cost-saving ingredients. We, on the other hand, are putting truckloads of almonds, flax seeds and eggs into a dough that we apply serious bread magic (years of expertise) to ... all in order to transform fats into actual bread! We wear our 160 calories per slice like a badge of honor ... we are selling you actual fuel for your hard-earned dollar. 


Excellent storage ... despite being free from nasty preservatives, our bread stores for up to 6 months in the freezer and comes back to life beautifully in the fridge. 


Here's what we bake into the "Starter Bundle":

  • 32 slices of bread 
  • 4 total cubes (8 slices each)
  • Over 5 lbs. of bread

But how's it really taste?

... just like the pictures.


    Plus, don't worry about bread going bad as the loaves store and freeze very well if you need extra time to eat them! 




    Wait ... what about my wallet if I eat this all the time?


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